sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Preparing" to sew

I have been reading a lot of sewing blogs lately. I love to see what everyone is sewing. And I get "sew" excited when I find someone similar to my style! ;o) Or someone who is very creative.

I've learned lots of new tricks/tips as well as read tips I knew and used for years. :o) Cool to see they still apply!

When I wanted to sew for me in the 80's, I had no where to find encouragement, or patterns for my look. Plus I did not know anything about sewing with or without patterns OR designing adult clothes. I used patterns but the instructions killed my creativity. I did not know how not to follow them. Altho eventually I used the confusing instructions less and less. Back then I thought THAT was creative! OY!

Today I would actually choose to sew the exact same patterns I chose in the 80s for me, (sadly I threw them out by the 90s) only BETTER!

Many of the blogs I've read suggested idea boards and sketching your designs.

Well I'm not a designer, and I have minimal time. Why would I waste it on the unnecessary steps?

That's where I was still in "follow" the pattern exactly mode. :o(

If I don't sketch out my plan/pattern. I'll fly by the seat of my pants cutting and sewing. And I can see where I'd mess up the construction by "forgetting" to add or missing the opportunity to create. Then I'd waste more time trying to fix it! And then I'd donate it.

I also bought some inexpensive muslin for pre-fitting. Once I thought this too was a waste. But with my dress form (I named her Newmie!! Get it? LOL! Newmie = New Me!) the muslin pre-fittings will be another great tool!

All for the end result of clothes I finally love! 

I love the 100 Act of Sewing patterns. So simple, basic, classic and easy to tailor to any style! The fewer pattern pieces the better because I like to add pieces!

I also bought the Cashmerette sketch book after I researched a ton of fashion sketch books. So many bad fashion sketch books out there. I can't wait till it comes! 

Until then I use a little journal book I had used for cooking/recipes and now sewing! 
You can sketch on anything! I used bits of paper but then how do you neatly save them? Yeah, I lost a few.

The above sketch is just a "vision" of how to piece it, not exactly how it will look when done. It shows the possibility of using different fabrics, as well as the pattern piece placement on the fabric fold to help figure out how to cut the apron front. I'm sure I'll add more sketch ideas as I choose the fabric, sew and fit on Newmie. It could look much different when done! :o)
(In fact I just thought of adding-cutting the dress front "top" off and inserting the apron with the bottom half instead of on top of. :o)

I loved this little jacket. I'm going to soften it by rounding the front edges. At the neckline I will have a button (left side) to hold it closed at the top. I'm sure I'll sketch more ideas here later as they come! :o)
That was just my first idea.

First I like to buy patterns in styles I know that I can easily alter to my preferences. Then I choose patterns with as few pieces as possible. (I hate darts!! ;o) I hate "fitted" looks. But I've found I need some fitting or my end product is shapeless. 
Adding shape doesn't make me look fatter. And shapeless has not made me look thinner. :o) 
At my age you realize you've wasted way too many years thinking about how much you weigh. Wisdom a gift from God comes with age. 

Here is a better view for me to sketch my ideas from. I don't want to be influenced by the pattern company or the lovely thin woman I do not aspire to look like. ;o)
You might see "mumu" style here. But I'm a child of the 60s, I see flowing hippy dress. ;o)

This is a flat sheet I found up north. It is like new. The camera didn't pick up the lovely Robin's egg blue it is. I'm excited to use this for one of my projects. I might use it as the only fabric for this top above.
I use flat sheets on my bed, but none of the children do. They use a fitted sheet with quilt. (easier for them to make the bed) So I often find a "lost" flat sheet here and there. Now I can upcycle them. :o)

Here are my idea sketches for this top so far.

I'm wanting to use up fabric scraps as I go instead of having a scrap box :o) Years back I threw out my scrap bag because I never used the scraps and I don't enjoy quilting. The sketch above shows the bottom of the top in panels of scrap fabric sewn together. :o)

I also like to sew from rectangles and square shapes, saving fabric as I cut it off the original yardage. I hate waste :o)

The bottom fabrics are new from Craftsy. I have purchased some really nice linen solids there on sale with free shipping!
The top fabric scraps I'm considering for my sketches. 
I love color!

Idea boards aren't for me. They look like clutter to me! LOL!

I never look at the high end clothing catalogs in the mail. Their prices are too high. This week I saw the Lagenlook jumper on the front of this catalog above and thought- there may be "ideas" for my sewing in here!

I often collect photo ideas on my computer, but rarely look at them again. I don't know how to do files on here.

I do look at the cheaper large sized catalogs. I find SPs (Group Home gal) clothes in catalogs. The big box stores don't carry the Grandma styles we like. For me I wouldn't pay the prices at the big box just to get a style I "might" like.

This winter online, I found Tshirts for $2 to $5 (on W*om*anWit*hin) and capri knit pants for $9.99- $14.99. (It is so hard to find "cheap" pants.) I buy clothes for the price. The style comes second. Of course I must like the style- I like plain colored tshirts, I like plain colored capri stretchy knit pants. :o) It's my "utility" wardrobe.
I bought about 30 shirts (15 for home, 15 for up north) and 20 pants (10 home, 10 up north).

But now I want a wardrobe I enjoy wearing when I'm not sweating over the stove, scrubbing floors or changing diapers! :o)
I do have my trusty go to 2 pair of pants and about 4 tops if I go somewhere!

I'm the same with shoes. I buy canvas "summer" style shoes for $5.99 at w*alm*art. They last me years. (they were $1.99 years back)
Also I have a degenerative neurological disease so I can't wear any type of heal.

These were styles I liked or design ideas.

I took 3 more journals I had not been using. (bought on sale years ago) One book is skirts and dresses, one is pants and jackets, and one is tops and aprons/etc.
Its faster to "see" what's in each book than read the front!

I separate the ideas by adding all dress ideas in the front, and all skirt ideas in the back. I add the ideas I most often like (dresses) in the front because I'll find more of them than skirt ideas.

Now to get started! Sew much to do!
Happy Creating! (((HUGS))) God Bless!

Monday, June 26, 2017


We have moved a lot of things from our lake property to the woods. We bought the lake property in 1990. We bought the 19.25 acres in 1998.

From 1976 (the year I married at 19) to 1996 I stitched daily. Slowly I replaced my stitching with crochet and decorative painting. It took less space, and could be done nearly anywhere!

I found this geese template (just a black outline) in the early 90s and decided to make something for my dad with it. I had sewn him a few things. I wanted this to be special. I showed my mom the yellow "circles" I had embroidered the geese on. She told me it was too nice to give to my dad. My dad and I weren't close. (long story) But he was my Dad. So I did not feel encouraged to complete it.

My Dad did see the Geese that day too. My mom told me later he told a friend that he had liked the Geese, and I had talent. :o)

I didn't finish Dad's gift, but I didn't want to waste what I had started. So I decided to "frame" them like a small quilt. Back then "stuffed" quilts were catching on so I tried stuffing my circles. I was lazy and machine sewed my circles on. Making the circles less circley! I had no zig zag then.

The circle is supposed to be the moon, with the Geese migrating past in the night.

I made up my own colors and design for the threads. That's the fun part. :o)

 The fabric is quite dated. It was popular in the late 80s.

It hung in the bunkhouse at the lake for many years.

Then last week I was thinking of making bedroom curtains for the 2 windows in my trailer bedroom. I wondered if I should use my new fabric with cute little campers on it. But it didn't seem right in the bedroom. As I sorted through the last bits of things to decorate the Lodge I found this. It was perfect. It has finally found its true purpose! The window it covers is tiny, so it actually "fits" now.

But I'm going to "fix" it by adding a bit more fabric on the sides (I may even have a bit of the brown still if I didn't donate it) and I'll shorten the hanging tabs.

I was so pleased that it will hang where I will see it up here daily when we come. It brings back a lot of happy memories, I enjoyed making it so much. :o) I love doing hand embroidery.

Happy Creating!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!

Friday, June 23, 2017

cafe curtains in the Lodge "kitchen"

This is the 3rd and last window in the Lodge. We are outside most of the time so windows don't matter much. We mostly use the windows as a way to talk to those outside, if we have to go in to do something!
I had made these yesterday. After I hung them up, the sun was so bright the camera washed them out.

 So tonight I took another picture of them. Of course they are a no brainer to make. I made the top extra full.

I saw the fabric on Wa*lm*a*rt. You know when you get free shipping if you spend a certain $ amount. I was buying boys shoes, I was short for the free shipping and needed to buy a bit more. So then I usually click over to the sewing dept and pick a thread or fabric. :o)
I saw this fabric. I'm glad I bought it.

I'm excited to get home and finish some clothes sewing. ;o)

Happy Sewing!! (((HUGS))) and prayers :o)

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sew crazy!

This was a no sew project. Two pieces of fabric from my stash. (at least 10 yrs old) Tucked into an old couch, that was formerly covered with sheets.

There is only one thing I hate more than making curtains!
Buying them.

I never find anything ready made that I like. Especially now on a budget.

Looking into my stash in the woods- I found 4 yards of cotton fabric that was trimmed lengthwise top and bottom. The center was the "plaid". Great for a picnic table but not Lodge curtains!

I pieced the design in multiple ways to use up the fabric and make the design work to my liking. Above is the right side panel. For window #1.

 I ended up with leftovers of about a yard, of pieces of the plaid. Which was good for the next window, after I found out that Isaiah (13 yr old son) and Dad (senior citizen husband) measured the windows WRONG!! (seam ripper!)

This was some cute green paneled fabric from my stash purchased years ago. I love woodsie night and winter scenes!

Sometimes I wonder what was I thinking when I purchased these fabrics? I can only make so many semi quilted blankets and throws before people say no thank you to me! Back then when purchasing fabric I wasn't thinking outside the box very much.  And if I'd purchased these fabrics for windows I wouldn't have been so bold with the scissors! I take risks now and my sewing "vision" is growing. Practice makes "perfect"!

Altho years back I did once make some cute trailer curtains that were pretty creative for my skill level at the time! :o)

Isaiah is holding up the left panel for the #2nd window. This is 1/2 of the 45" wide plaid /cabin fabric sewn lengthwise to 1/2 of the paneled fabric. A very easy sew. Until I saw it was too short- and realized the measurements from Isaiah and Dad were wrong. So I shortened my pocket for the rod and added a strip of plaid fabric across the bottom, slightly ruffling it. phew!

I'm so (sew:o) blessed to have the big trailer to myself for cooking and sewing. I can run in the lodge, hold things up, run back to the trailer and adjust.
When I go to bed I just throw it down, no worries about little hands touching it.

After 41 years of sewing in corners of rooms- I really appreciate this!

The more I use the "denim" Simplicity sewing machine here, the more I appreciate it.

Window #1 in the Lodge. I am making tie backs for both windows, to hold the curtains open during the day.
The most difficult part was making sure the design was not "off" in the center where the 2 panels meet. I did have to re-sew 2 rows on one panel. Even precise cutting can be slightly "off"!

Window #2 with the "ruffle" on the bottom to make up for the wrong measurements. There are no mistakes in sewing- just embellish!

Tonight I begin sewing cafe style curtains in different fabric I purchased last year. Those curtains will go in the kitchen area of the Lodge.

So much for my 2 weeks of no sewing/ creating! LOL! Help I'm addicted!!
Happy Sewing!! (((HUGS))) and prayers

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Japanese Owl fabric and the MN woods

 I hope to decorate my quite big (cooking/sewing) trailer into a Glamper. I'm so inspired by that style and the lovely old ladies like me who Glamp. I brought the paint up here..........forgot the brushes! I brought little wildlife pictures in frames I had painted over the winter. They are hung. I brought up stencils and stickies. Some stickies have to wait till I paint.

I need to paint first. Painting inside trailers is risky. Painting on plywood/wall paper surfaces in trailers that are over wintered in the cold below zero north even more risky. Often when we return in the Spring paint has peeled away from walls and cabinets in protest! Humidity is also paints enemy. This is humid country up here with over 10,000 lakes! :o)

Everything, cabinets, walls is dark in this large trailer.

I also need to clear out the old 5th wheel of its decorations and use them to decorate the Lodge. (our 30' x 30' living quarters) SP sleeps in the Lodge now, not the 5th wheel with Mary Anne since she is gone.

So much to do, so little energy, so little time.

This picture has the fabric I told about here~

I was surprised to see that I really love Japanese fabrics. They have lots of beautiful colorful forest style fabrics. And then I learned about Mori Kei. I've always loved that style of dress, not realizing it was a lifestyle. (I also love Nordic and Lagenlook styles) So it makes sense that these beautiful Japanese fabric prints would appeal to me.

I originally bought this owl fabric to make a picture for my daughter Grace. I made her a picture of 2 "forest people" to resemble them with their family name. Red hair for him, beautiful brown skin for her :o) My son in love calls them gnomes, he hates gnomes. I call them "forest faeries". Just like the forest faeries I tell the children about up here in our woods. (We watch the forest faeries here light up the forest floor at night as the sun sets, and then watch them turn the lights out as the sun rises.)

This owl fabric was too busy for Grace's project. So I created a project for me with it!

I used the owl fabric to make a Lodge picture for the large trailer.
To make the Lodge I enlarged a cabin stencil and cut the pieces out of felt. The moose in front of the Lodge is a button. The decorations around  the frame are buttons. (I'm using up my stash)

See the felt rabbit leaping on the left? We have cute rabbits here. They are very curious watching us, wandering up the driveway. Unfortunately they become easy prey then and end up getting eaten quickly that way. :o( We don't encourage them.

Lasr year we had noisy curious Barred Owls visit us here. They were so much fun This year they have been incredibly quiet. And the Great Horned Owl has made his presence known. In the night, one single "WHOOO". Lets us all know who's king!

We had Barred Owls nest on our lake property too. We have so many owl memories! I love them!

Today I cut curtains for the 3 windows in the Lodge. I think I'll sew them with the thread I have here, even though I'd prefer to have the thread match the fabric. It won't be that noticeable.

(((HUGS))) God Bless and Happy Sewing!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fleece Throws

I mentioned previously that I had a lot of fleece. I was a sucker for sale fleece.
I used my Olfa to scallop the larger fleece pieces with pretty prints. And now the kids use them as lightweight blankies.

A few fleece pieces were smaller, less than 2 yards but more than a yard. I used those to make "throws". Here are 2 I made for the couch in the trailer. The couch is "pleather". It feels cold when it's cold out. These throws are perfect.

I love this print. I can't remember what I was going to use it for? A jacket maybe............but I hate jackets. I wear short sleeve shirts in winter! And sleeveless shirts all spring/fall/summer.
It sat prized in my stash a looong time. I couldn't bear to donate it.

I tacked the fleece to (a cotton piece of fabric for the back) with beads. I used brown and green beads on the fleece. Not sure if you can "see" them. Then when the throw is washed the front/back doesn't separate, or bubble.

When I pulled the bead thread through the back, I used a clear bead on the back to tie off the thread. Now the threads don't show. The clear beads resemble the stars in the back fabric pattern. :o) Not sure how visible they are in the photos. The hem on this throw (above) was machine sewn because the backing was cotton. I don't worry much about my hem work on things I make for me, if this was a gift I would have hand hemmed it with an invisible stitch.

I bought the owl fabric recently for a craft I'll show another time. I had to buy it in a 3 yard piece. I only needed 1/2 a yard for the craft project, but I loved the design. It reminds me of our Lodge in the north woods. So it was a perfect.

This was another piece of fleece probably purchased for a Fall jacket.

Why do I think I'd wear those things? (jackets?) Years ago I once made a quilted jacket that was loved by everyone but me! I should have given it away, but no it hung in my closet for years waiting to be worn. :o( And then I donated it.

The green back another piece of fleece. The edges are trimmed with an Olfa scallop shown below. No sewing.

I used gold beads (the kids bought me) to tack the front to the back. Tacking the 2 fleece pieces together. Nothing fancy on the back, Fleece is very forgiving of thread knots from the beads sewn to the front. You can pull the thread snug and the little knots "hide" in the fleece.

Here are 3 of the glass beads in the center. This is a Japanese print. I love their fabric prints! So decorative!
Of course I didn't "need" these. But we are enjoying them!

(((HUGS))) and prayers and Happy Creating!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On a whim................

As we headed off into the woods for our family time. On a whim I packed the unfinished sweat pants I was sewing for 3 of the boys.
I knew I had this sewing machine (made by Simplicity) stored at the lake. (for at least 15 years) We moved it to the woods 3 yeas ago.
It had been an impulse buy from Q*vc when they had their arts and crafts days. (I miss those shows) It was demonstrated sewing through a large thickness of denim without breaking the needle. I was in awe and bought it.
And then it sat unused. I bought it around the time I gave up sewing for wa*lm*art ready to wear.

I will say it does the job. But it is a very lightweight plastic machine.
Unlike my old heavy duty all metal Husqvarna that I love. Unfortunately my Husqvarna was damaged years ago by a child's curiosity and needs to be replaced. It's still useable, but its not as functional. And I'm dragging my feet to replace it.
I was going to sew on this nice blue table with the Simplicity machine, but the machine made the table shake too much. So I moved  it to the kitchen table.

 The boy's sweat pants needed to be fit for their measurements. They have longer torsos and shorter legs. Two of the boys wear AFOs and the 3rd wears a Scoliosis torso brace. Ready to wear pant legs are too long and the waist too tight for the torso brace or a diaper. (The boys aren't fully toilet trained.) Ready to wear pants also look like "flood" pants with AFOs and shoes.

My up north woods sewing box. I painted the top years ago. It came with the liner.

 One of my new painted pieces for the lodge. I love Fair Isle designs. I made this one up with stencils and freehand. I love red in the kitchen.

Right now I have it in the back bedroom of the trailer until I find a spot to hang it in the lodge.

              A little shelf I painted years ago. I am looking for a spot to hang it in the trailer.

 Noah trying on the new pants. He is 14, he wears the torso brace. Excuse his hair- he desperately needs a hair cut. And the rain has made the humidity crazy up here. So everyone's hair looks a bit silly. Noah also rocks in bed which doesn't help his hair. :o) I think his hair matches his lovable personality! Boys! Snails and puppy dog tails!

 This fall he'll be fitted for some type of foot supports too.(Drs still debating) The elastic (on the legs of the pants) is nice for pants that might be a little "too" long.

Here the elastic is tight enough and loose enough to come up over his torso brace. (this is his tummy) Regular pants want to go under the brace and don't come up as high. I made the waist on the pants higher. That way as he bends over the brace doesn't pop out the back. The pants remain at the waist covering the brace.

This is the back where the brace wants to pop out of regular pants.
(all the fabric is from the 90's....LOL! I used some of this for one son now 36)

Jacob's AFOs with the elastic loose enough to go around and the elastic holds the pants up over his shoes.

                                                                            The pant leg in place.

I'd like to sew curtains for 3 windows in the lodge, but I only brought up thread for the pants. I forgot I had the curtain fabric here! I wish I'd written it down in my notebook I use to remind me from year to year what's here already.

I don't really like this Simplicity sewing machine, so I don't know how long I'll use it up here. I have 2 more "lightweight" machines (I bought for the girls to use) at home and I have the new Simplicity lightweight computerized machine at home, it came out last fall. I need to try those machines next to see which I'll take up here. I also need to go to the sewing center to try out a new to me/refurbished "real" (heavy duty) machine for me. But in the meantime this one up here makes do!

This machine is hard for the girls to thread. It's weird for me too, but I figured it out. The "tighten" knob for the bobbin winder somehow locked too tight and Tom worked 5 minutes to get it loose again for me. YIKES!!  I did not turn it that hard!!
Sew I have fit some sewing time here and enjoyed every minute of it. I'm crocheting a theme colored throw as I watch my favorite Acorn Tv online. :o)

God Bless! and Happy creativity!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Kitty's "new" (upcycled) clothes

Above- a Tshirt gets a skirt :o)
Yes, it's the easiest upcycle ever that has been done to death. I am just not that comfortable sewing on knit fabric to do anything more daring yet.
I'm new to this!

All photos were lovingly taken by Kitty my granddaughter that I have raised since birth. She turns 14 this month. (she calls me mom) She is Elizabeth's birth sister, who I've also raised since birth. Aren't I blessed!!!

A week or so ago the girls saw me making a huge pile of clothes on my bed. I was so excited to start sewing for myself and to start upcycling unworn clothes for myself.
Usually a pile on my bed means donations. But no more. I'm on a very tight budget now. So I have to make do!

The girls (13,14 &16) then ran to look at their clothes to see what they wanted upcycled!

Only brave Kitty returned with- 1 pair of black leggings,(I was unable to do anything with the black leggings- the knit was too tight) 1 navy turtleneck, 3 Tshirts, and 1 black skirt. (I was truly not excited at the prospects! LOL!)

Yesterday Faith asked if I'd remove the pockets from her cargo shorts. I guess no matter how small that's an upcycle too! :o)
(she has a fascination with Steve Irwin/Australia so her wardrobe is polo shirts and cargo shorts)

Here I used the leftover fabric from the "skirt" I sewed onto this T shirt. I don't make bias tape unless it's for something fancy. So I just cut a strip of fabric and machine hemmed one side and sewed to sleeve.

 I am not comfortable sewing knit fabric. This knit was so stretchy I ironed on stabilizer around the knit shirt where I had cut off 6 inches. This picture above just shows multiple stitches! :o) The zig zag seen was my last stitch to finish it off. Underneath I did a straight stitch with a zig zag every 5 stitches (I don't know what that stitch is called, it's on my machine) to hold the Tshirt and skirt together.
A few gathering threads are still "attached" here. I just snipped it clean, but no one looks under here so I get a little lazy.

 Not sure what Kitty is showing us here! LOL!

The Swiss dot fabric was a gift to me from Kitty for my birthday. Dad takes the 4 teens to Walmart when they are going to buy me gifts for Mother's Day and Bday. I don't complain because he used to take the oldest kids to the drug store!!
So I tell them to buy me 2 yards of fabric, beads, fancy buttons, or things I need to sew. It's fun to see what they bring back. ;o)

The lady who cut the fabric asked Kitty what she was making. Kitty said it was for my birthday for me and she didn't know. The lady told her she made a good choice, she really liked it too! Later when Kitty was choosing fabrics for her upcycles I noticed she has a great eye for color, even better than me!

Well the fabric ended up being used for Kitty. Which made me very happy too.

When I cut the skirt fabric, I just hold the fabric up to the Tshirt and cut a piece one and a half the width of the bottom of the Tshirt. So that is one piece cut off of the fabric. Then I cut straight across the fold line (center) for a front and back.

I bought the flowered  fabric a while back. Its modern. The girls don't like my fabric from the 80s and 90s. ;o)

 These Tshirts were not "long". But they have a lot of stretch. I had to cut 6" off the bottoms so they wouldn't have the 90s drop waist that Kitty HATES!! ;o)
You can still see the stretch they have here.

When Kitty was about 9 she started posing. Her older sister Faith had been posing for years. :o) Faith has FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) Life is like a fast action movie with her! We adore her to pieces, she's quite a character. If I take the picture of Kitty I tell her not to pose! LOL!

You can see the dress waist falls exactly where Kitty wants it now.
I had planned on these being tunics, but I just didn't want to cut off more fabric. I like using it up. That's why I trimmed these sleeves in floral rather than green dot.

This is her brother Isaiah's room. :o) (We use it for homeschooling the youngest boys too.)

The last Tshirt was a heavier knit and sleeveless. Not as stretchy as the other two. My plan was to use Aleene's fabric glue for 2 cats on the Tshirt. BUT the glue was old, I purchased it 15 years ago. It bled thru the fabric square. :o(  I ended up buying new glue (it's even a different color now- clear) and more cats. Then I put a little sparkle fabric paint around the cat squares where the bad glue spread.

 I kind of just scattered them and covered the bad glue spots.

I only had 1 yard of this fabric. I have a few pieces (I've bought in the last 5 years) where I just bought 1 yard and I don't know why. 1 yard is too small for me/clothes and I don't piece quilts so I was glad to find a home for this.

 The extra cats went on the black skirt. The floral fabric lines the hem- Kitty rolled the hem up so you could see the stitches??!!! argh! The hem does lay flat- I even ironed it ;o)
I scattered the left over cat squares. The upper half of the skirt looked "bare" but looks fine on. I wondered what top Kitty would pair with it. And she surprised me once again- her eye for fashion-

She chose the turtleneck she gave me to upcycle and it was perfect! See the zig zag of beads at the bottom of the turtleneck? They compliment the top of the skirt!
I did not want to cut into the turtleneck, I'm not that brave yet. They teens bought me some really awful beads from Walmart. The gold and silver flakes off. (they didn't know) So I wanted to use them up. I beaded the sleeve ends and around the front collar and a zig zag of them across the bottom. She loves it and it goes great with the skirt.

 Speaking of cats! Kitty has a lot of Hello Kitty. When I named her Katherine I said we'd call her Kitty. There are too many Kates! Although I love Kate and Katie. So we collected "Hello!" Kitty! To say hello to our Kitty!
Left is the real cat, her name is Violet. She is a Sphynx cat. And she is very naughty. but oh boy do we love her! LOL!

Here is Violet rebelling against posing. I know it's not Halloween but they dress her constantly. In return she sneezes until they take it off!

I'm taking a 2 week break for family time! Its summer and we are off for adventure!!
Happy Sewing!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!

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