sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Friday, June 9, 2017

Driven to create

It started with a need to use up fabric that I collected. After donating 75% of it there was still a lot.

I love fabric. But up until now I was much more creative with a paint brush and not so creative with fabric.

And then we needed new winter scarves.
Have you shopped for them lately? Expensive and poorly made.
Sew.........I got out the fleece and my absolute favorite Olfa cutter!

I made 3 for each of us. That's 39 ;o)

The yarn ball in the middle was used to hand sew a running stitch all around the edges. I used 2 pieces of fleece per scarf.

For the older boys I freehanded a scallop on the ends.
I ended up with about 5 remnants of left over fleece that was too small to make anything. So I made 14 more scarves from that to donate to the Salvation Army this winter.

Then I saw a couple of great posts on sensory blankets (busy blankets) for people with advanced alzheimers. I wasn't at all excited about making one. But if you search them on etsy they were way too busy for my friend Mary Anne. And expensive. Then I saw that the bloggers used fleece. One made a no sew blanket with fleece. I did sew mine. I loved it- fleece I could do. I used my Olfa scallop on the bottom edge that I ran out of backing for. So easy! Adding trinkets made it more to Mary Anne's liking. She loved it!

I used this piece of fleece to make Kitty (of course she loves cats!) a new coverlet for her bed. I tacked the square corners with yarn bows. I sewed along the edge with yarn and Olfa scalloped the edge. No hem needed.
Fleece dulls sewing machine needles quickly so I don't like to machine sew fleece.

This piece of cotton Hello Kitty fabric made another blanky for Kitty. I hand sewed around the squares with yarn to attach the batting and the back. Then I added cute buttons on the back where the knots were tied so they could no longer be seen. I machine hemmed it.

I pulled this piece off the shelf and ironed stabilizer on the back and decorated it for the teen girl's room. Messy book shelves are behind it! ;o) I love fabric glue! I glued the flowers. I only needed to machine sew it to the backing.

Then Kitty wanted some skirts. Where do they sell run of mill girly  skirts now? No where. And the prices are outrageous for anything called a skirt, if you can find one. Kitty picked the fabric she liked off the shelf. The green T she's wearing was made into a tunic dress this week. I'll post it another time. This skirt takes an hour to make!

A scarf skirt made with fabric I had purchased for my daughter who passed away. I was happy Kitty chose the fabric. The Tshirt is from one of Great Grandma's (my mom) trips! (I'm Kitty's Grandma/mom)

Miss Elizabeth loves birds. And she knows a lot about birds. I had collected a few pieces of bird fabric for her. (o.k. maybe more than a few) A few years back I searched for a bird duvet for her. I found nothing nice. So That meant............the bird fabric collection finally found a home!! This quilt has batting and all squares sewn with yarn attaching the 3 layers.
I love the ready made squares on fabric. Perfect for mindless TV watching/sewing! ;o)

My pretty Kitty and another scarf skirt. I made her 3 little skirts like the ruffled one above and three scarf skirts. She's patiently waiting for me to finish 3 cullottes for her. Since she chose a very time consuming pattern .........I've kind of put it off.

And then there were 2 Barbie fabric panels in my stash. So I made Faith a throw with one. I used plain colored fleece on the back. I hand sewed the fancy baubles. And then I hand sewed 5 million (well it was a lot!) beads over the front. The beads tacked the front panel to the fleece. I used baby yarn for a running stitch around the mirror and edges.  sewing. I hand hemmed with thread.

I sewed a few fancy buttons on the border too! She loved it. Faith beads her own hair! She's very talented!

After this I did a very large fleece rose quilt for my married daughter. I nearly died doing the billions of beads on that one. But you know it was so beautiful when finished, it was worth the agony! LOL! Part of it was that the bead placements were often far apart so lots of knots and knot hiding!
I wish I'd taken a picture of it.

This is the back of the 2nd quilt (I made 3) we got out of the bird fabric. I am NOT a quilter. I made one quilt in my life for my precious mom. And it was sooooooo tedious, I said never again!
So I piece together the largest pieces of fabric as possible! ;o)

You can see I yarn stitched the back and batting to the front with baby yarn. I also tacked the bigger squares with beads. Here the flowers have beads on them. That tacks the 3 layers together.

This is the front of the 2nd quilt. I machine hemmed it.

The second Barbie panel I used for Mercy's (our youngest daughter) throw. Faith is holding it up. I used fleece on the back and sewed around the squares with baby yarn. I hand hemmed it. Nothing fancy.

This was 1/2 of a bad blanket purchase. It had faux shearling on the back. The shearling separated and got yucky from washing. :o(
So I put a piece of plain fleece on the back. I hand sewed (running stitch) around the minions with baby yarn to tack them together and hand sewed the hem.

It's so satisfying to finally find homes for a good chunk of my fabric. I continue to deplete it as the boys now need pants and the girls are excited for upcycled clothes now. :o)

But what I really want is to sew for me. I have a lot of clothes that are just o.k. "I have nothing to wear"!!! And I really need to make something I like out of the things I have. Since I've learned about upcycling I won't need to spend money. The last post- my shirt upcycle is my first and so far I love it. I need to insert the floral fabric inserts next.

Life is short- make and wear clothes you enjoy now! Not for later like my Grandma did. Because then she died, we found them neatly folded/hanging in her closet, never worn.

Happy Sewing!! God Bless! (((HUGS)))

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