sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fleece Throws

I mentioned previously that I had a lot of fleece. I was a sucker for sale fleece.
I used my Olfa to scallop the larger fleece pieces with pretty prints. And now the kids use them as lightweight blankies.

A few fleece pieces were smaller, less than 2 yards but more than a yard. I used those to make "throws". Here are 2 I made for the couch in the trailer. The couch is "pleather". It feels cold when it's cold out. These throws are perfect.

I love this print. I can't remember what I was going to use it for? A jacket maybe............but I hate jackets. I wear short sleeve shirts in winter! And sleeveless shirts all spring/fall/summer.
It sat prized in my stash a looong time. I couldn't bear to donate it.

I tacked the fleece to (a cotton piece of fabric for the back) with beads. I used brown and green beads on the fleece. Not sure if you can "see" them. Then when the throw is washed the front/back doesn't separate, or bubble.

When I pulled the bead thread through the back, I used a clear bead on the back to tie off the thread. Now the threads don't show. The clear beads resemble the stars in the back fabric pattern. :o) Not sure how visible they are in the photos. The hem on this throw (above) was machine sewn because the backing was cotton. I don't worry much about my hem work on things I make for me, if this was a gift I would have hand hemmed it with an invisible stitch.

I bought the owl fabric recently for a craft I'll show another time. I had to buy it in a 3 yard piece. I only needed 1/2 a yard for the craft project, but I loved the design. It reminds me of our Lodge in the north woods. So it was a perfect.

This was another piece of fleece probably purchased for a Fall jacket.

Why do I think I'd wear those things? (jackets?) Years ago I once made a quilted jacket that was loved by everyone but me! I should have given it away, but no it hung in my closet for years waiting to be worn. :o( And then I donated it.

The green back another piece of fleece. The edges are trimmed with an Olfa scallop shown below. No sewing.

I used gold beads (the kids bought me) to tack the front to the back. Tacking the 2 fleece pieces together. Nothing fancy on the back, Fleece is very forgiving of thread knots from the beads sewn to the front. You can pull the thread snug and the little knots "hide" in the fleece.

Here are 3 of the glass beads in the center. This is a Japanese print. I love their fabric prints! So decorative!
Of course I didn't "need" these. But we are enjoying them!

(((HUGS))) and prayers and Happy Creating!


  1. Love all the throws! They give me a cozy feeling inside.


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