sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Kitty's "new" (upcycled) clothes

Above- a Tshirt gets a skirt :o)
Yes, it's the easiest upcycle ever that has been done to death. I am just not that comfortable sewing on knit fabric to do anything more daring yet.
I'm new to this!

All photos were lovingly taken by Kitty my granddaughter that I have raised since birth. She turns 14 this month. (she calls me mom) She is Elizabeth's birth sister, who I've also raised since birth. Aren't I blessed!!!

A week or so ago the girls saw me making a huge pile of clothes on my bed. I was so excited to start sewing for myself and to start upcycling unworn clothes for myself.
Usually a pile on my bed means donations. But no more. I'm on a very tight budget now. So I have to make do!

The girls (13,14 &16) then ran to look at their clothes to see what they wanted upcycled!

Only brave Kitty returned with- 1 pair of black leggings,(I was unable to do anything with the black leggings- the knit was too tight) 1 navy turtleneck, 3 Tshirts, and 1 black skirt. (I was truly not excited at the prospects! LOL!)

Yesterday Faith asked if I'd remove the pockets from her cargo shorts. I guess no matter how small that's an upcycle too! :o)
(she has a fascination with Steve Irwin/Australia so her wardrobe is polo shirts and cargo shorts)

Here I used the leftover fabric from the "skirt" I sewed onto this T shirt. I don't make bias tape unless it's for something fancy. So I just cut a strip of fabric and machine hemmed one side and sewed to sleeve.

 I am not comfortable sewing knit fabric. This knit was so stretchy I ironed on stabilizer around the knit shirt where I had cut off 6 inches. This picture above just shows multiple stitches! :o) The zig zag seen was my last stitch to finish it off. Underneath I did a straight stitch with a zig zag every 5 stitches (I don't know what that stitch is called, it's on my machine) to hold the Tshirt and skirt together.
A few gathering threads are still "attached" here. I just snipped it clean, but no one looks under here so I get a little lazy.

 Not sure what Kitty is showing us here! LOL!

The Swiss dot fabric was a gift to me from Kitty for my birthday. Dad takes the 4 teens to Walmart when they are going to buy me gifts for Mother's Day and Bday. I don't complain because he used to take the oldest kids to the drug store!!
So I tell them to buy me 2 yards of fabric, beads, fancy buttons, or things I need to sew. It's fun to see what they bring back. ;o)

The lady who cut the fabric asked Kitty what she was making. Kitty said it was for my birthday for me and she didn't know. The lady told her she made a good choice, she really liked it too! Later when Kitty was choosing fabrics for her upcycles I noticed she has a great eye for color, even better than me!

Well the fabric ended up being used for Kitty. Which made me very happy too.

When I cut the skirt fabric, I just hold the fabric up to the Tshirt and cut a piece one and a half the width of the bottom of the Tshirt. So that is one piece cut off of the fabric. Then I cut straight across the fold line (center) for a front and back.

I bought the flowered  fabric a while back. Its modern. The girls don't like my fabric from the 80s and 90s. ;o)

 These Tshirts were not "long". But they have a lot of stretch. I had to cut 6" off the bottoms so they wouldn't have the 90s drop waist that Kitty HATES!! ;o)
You can still see the stretch they have here.

When Kitty was about 9 she started posing. Her older sister Faith had been posing for years. :o) Faith has FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) Life is like a fast action movie with her! We adore her to pieces, she's quite a character. If I take the picture of Kitty I tell her not to pose! LOL!

You can see the dress waist falls exactly where Kitty wants it now.
I had planned on these being tunics, but I just didn't want to cut off more fabric. I like using it up. That's why I trimmed these sleeves in floral rather than green dot.

This is her brother Isaiah's room. :o) (We use it for homeschooling the youngest boys too.)

The last Tshirt was a heavier knit and sleeveless. Not as stretchy as the other two. My plan was to use Aleene's fabric glue for 2 cats on the Tshirt. BUT the glue was old, I purchased it 15 years ago. It bled thru the fabric square. :o(  I ended up buying new glue (it's even a different color now- clear) and more cats. Then I put a little sparkle fabric paint around the cat squares where the bad glue spread.

 I kind of just scattered them and covered the bad glue spots.

I only had 1 yard of this fabric. I have a few pieces (I've bought in the last 5 years) where I just bought 1 yard and I don't know why. 1 yard is too small for me/clothes and I don't piece quilts so I was glad to find a home for this.

 The extra cats went on the black skirt. The floral fabric lines the hem- Kitty rolled the hem up so you could see the stitches??!!! argh! The hem does lay flat- I even ironed it ;o)
I scattered the left over cat squares. The upper half of the skirt looked "bare" but looks fine on. I wondered what top Kitty would pair with it. And she surprised me once again- her eye for fashion-

She chose the turtleneck she gave me to upcycle and it was perfect! See the zig zag of beads at the bottom of the turtleneck? They compliment the top of the skirt!
I did not want to cut into the turtleneck, I'm not that brave yet. They teens bought me some really awful beads from Walmart. The gold and silver flakes off. (they didn't know) So I wanted to use them up. I beaded the sleeve ends and around the front collar and a zig zag of them across the bottom. She loves it and it goes great with the skirt.

 Speaking of cats! Kitty has a lot of Hello Kitty. When I named her Katherine I said we'd call her Kitty. There are too many Kates! Although I love Kate and Katie. So we collected "Hello!" Kitty! To say hello to our Kitty!
Left is the real cat, her name is Violet. She is a Sphynx cat. And she is very naughty. but oh boy do we love her! LOL!

Here is Violet rebelling against posing. I know it's not Halloween but they dress her constantly. In return she sneezes until they take it off!

I'm taking a 2 week break for family time! Its summer and we are off for adventure!!
Happy Sewing!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!

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