sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

On a whim................

As we headed off into the woods for our family time. On a whim I packed the unfinished sweat pants I was sewing for 3 of the boys.
I knew I had this sewing machine (made by Simplicity) stored at the lake. (for at least 15 years) We moved it to the woods 3 yeas ago.
It had been an impulse buy from Q*vc when they had their arts and crafts days. (I miss those shows) It was demonstrated sewing through a large thickness of denim without breaking the needle. I was in awe and bought it.
And then it sat unused. I bought it around the time I gave up sewing for wa*lm*art ready to wear.

I will say it does the job. But it is a very lightweight plastic machine.
Unlike my old heavy duty all metal Husqvarna that I love. Unfortunately my Husqvarna was damaged years ago by a child's curiosity and needs to be replaced. It's still useable, but its not as functional. And I'm dragging my feet to replace it.
I was going to sew on this nice blue table with the Simplicity machine, but the machine made the table shake too much. So I moved  it to the kitchen table.

 The boy's sweat pants needed to be fit for their measurements. They have longer torsos and shorter legs. Two of the boys wear AFOs and the 3rd wears a Scoliosis torso brace. Ready to wear pant legs are too long and the waist too tight for the torso brace or a diaper. (The boys aren't fully toilet trained.) Ready to wear pants also look like "flood" pants with AFOs and shoes.

My up north woods sewing box. I painted the top years ago. It came with the liner.

 One of my new painted pieces for the lodge. I love Fair Isle designs. I made this one up with stencils and freehand. I love red in the kitchen.

Right now I have it in the back bedroom of the trailer until I find a spot to hang it in the lodge.

              A little shelf I painted years ago. I am looking for a spot to hang it in the trailer.

 Noah trying on the new pants. He is 14, he wears the torso brace. Excuse his hair- he desperately needs a hair cut. And the rain has made the humidity crazy up here. So everyone's hair looks a bit silly. Noah also rocks in bed which doesn't help his hair. :o) I think his hair matches his lovable personality! Boys! Snails and puppy dog tails!

 This fall he'll be fitted for some type of foot supports too.(Drs still debating) The elastic (on the legs of the pants) is nice for pants that might be a little "too" long.

Here the elastic is tight enough and loose enough to come up over his torso brace. (this is his tummy) Regular pants want to go under the brace and don't come up as high. I made the waist on the pants higher. That way as he bends over the brace doesn't pop out the back. The pants remain at the waist covering the brace.

This is the back where the brace wants to pop out of regular pants.
(all the fabric is from the 90's....LOL! I used some of this for one son now 36)

Jacob's AFOs with the elastic loose enough to go around and the elastic holds the pants up over his shoes.

                                                                            The pant leg in place.

I'd like to sew curtains for 3 windows in the lodge, but I only brought up thread for the pants. I forgot I had the curtain fabric here! I wish I'd written it down in my notebook I use to remind me from year to year what's here already.

I don't really like this Simplicity sewing machine, so I don't know how long I'll use it up here. I have 2 more "lightweight" machines (I bought for the girls to use) at home and I have the new Simplicity lightweight computerized machine at home, it came out last fall. I need to try those machines next to see which I'll take up here. I also need to go to the sewing center to try out a new to me/refurbished "real" (heavy duty) machine for me. But in the meantime this one up here makes do!

This machine is hard for the girls to thread. It's weird for me too, but I figured it out. The "tighten" knob for the bobbin winder somehow locked too tight and Tom worked 5 minutes to get it loose again for me. YIKES!!  I did not turn it that hard!!
Sew I have fit some sewing time here and enjoyed every minute of it. I'm crocheting a theme colored throw as I watch my favorite Acorn Tv online. :o)

God Bless! and Happy creativity!

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