sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Japanese Owl fabric and the MN woods

 I hope to decorate my quite big (cooking/sewing) trailer into a Glamper. I'm so inspired by that style and the lovely old ladies like me who Glamp. I brought the paint up here..........forgot the brushes! I brought little wildlife pictures in frames I had painted over the winter. They are hung. I brought up stencils and stickies. Some stickies have to wait till I paint.

I need to paint first. Painting inside trailers is risky. Painting on plywood/wall paper surfaces in trailers that are over wintered in the cold below zero north even more risky. Often when we return in the Spring paint has peeled away from walls and cabinets in protest! Humidity is also paints enemy. This is humid country up here with over 10,000 lakes! :o)

Everything, cabinets, walls is dark in this large trailer.

I also need to clear out the old 5th wheel of its decorations and use them to decorate the Lodge. (our 30' x 30' living quarters) SP sleeps in the Lodge now, not the 5th wheel with Mary Anne since she is gone.

So much to do, so little energy, so little time.

This picture has the fabric I told about here~

I was surprised to see that I really love Japanese fabrics. They have lots of beautiful colorful forest style fabrics. And then I learned about Mori Kei. I've always loved that style of dress, not realizing it was a lifestyle. (I also love Nordic and Lagenlook styles) So it makes sense that these beautiful Japanese fabric prints would appeal to me.

I originally bought this owl fabric to make a picture for my daughter Grace. I made her a picture of 2 "forest people" to resemble them with their family name. Red hair for him, beautiful brown skin for her :o) My son in love calls them gnomes, he hates gnomes. I call them "forest faeries". Just like the forest faeries I tell the children about up here in our woods. (We watch the forest faeries here light up the forest floor at night as the sun sets, and then watch them turn the lights out as the sun rises.)

This owl fabric was too busy for Grace's project. So I created a project for me with it!

I used the owl fabric to make a Lodge picture for the large trailer.
To make the Lodge I enlarged a cabin stencil and cut the pieces out of felt. The moose in front of the Lodge is a button. The decorations around  the frame are buttons. (I'm using up my stash)

See the felt rabbit leaping on the left? We have cute rabbits here. They are very curious watching us, wandering up the driveway. Unfortunately they become easy prey then and end up getting eaten quickly that way. :o( We don't encourage them.

Lasr year we had noisy curious Barred Owls visit us here. They were so much fun This year they have been incredibly quiet. And the Great Horned Owl has made his presence known. In the night, one single "WHOOO". Lets us all know who's king!

We had Barred Owls nest on our lake property too. We have so many owl memories! I love them!

Today I cut curtains for the 3 windows in the Lodge. I think I'll sew them with the thread I have here, even though I'd prefer to have the thread match the fabric. It won't be that noticeable.

(((HUGS))) God Bless and Happy Sewing!

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