sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Cashmerette Springfield Top- part 3 the Finis!

Yesterday I was reading comments on a sewing blog. One posted comment said that she found this blog by googling a pattern she wanted to make. She was googling the pattern so she could "see" how others had sewn the pattern, that she was wanting to sew.

Now why hadn't I thought of that? 

So I googled the Springfield Top and came up with 6 sewists who beautifully made this top. 

I was a bit surprised that only one of those amazing sewists made their top kind of (but not really) similar to mine. :o) 

I was happy to see one amazing sewist with a body shape similar to mine who used the pattern to make a dress too. Mine is a tunic.  From her photos and our similar shape, I could see the pattern fit her in the same way as my tunic fit me. (as a larger busted woman) 

I was bit worried I might be overly critiqued by how mine "hangs" on me. 
Unless we can see and touch a sewists end product in person, can we really judge where improvements could be made?

We could drive ourselves crazy with "perfection" or showing off things like french seams.

Life is short, sew only what you love. And I do love the Springfield Top pattern.
Also I bought my own pattern, no one asked me to make it. These posts are for me only. I don't earn money or get kick backs from anyone! :o)

My sweet 13 year old son took these pictures for me. The fans were blowing and I was trying to "hold" it down! :o) You can see I made the neck 1" higher + the binding makes it a bit higher.

Side view. The bust lifts the hem higher in the front.
It is a very very comfy and perfectly roomy for getting up and down chasing little boys! I will make many more.
This will be a go to pattern for me. I give the Springfield top a 10 out of 10! Thank You Jenny! (no I do not personally know Jenny, but I've watched enough utube videos with her in them to feel like I can "shout" out to her ;o)

My favorite- is the back. It is quite feminine. I like to think of my style as feminine /Lagenlook/Wood Fairies/ and Scandinavian Grandma rolled into one! ;o)

Me and my Barred Owl friend. (carved by my Norwegian Grandpa in the 80s)
This is how I picture me! Apron, Fair Isle costume, and lace. ;o)

So what will I sew next? Hmm sadly nothing more for me for a while. First I must recover from my illness. And then-
I still have the 10 cut, pairs of boy sweat pants, a huge fleece dog bed for 3 dogs, and then there's this young man below-

He is the same height as me at age 13. And running out of clothes quickly! Isn't his outfit sad? Poor guy. I need to start cutting now! aack! Love my sweet sweet young man!

Happy Creating! (((HUGS))) God Bless!
thanx for visiting!

The Cashmerette Springfield Top part Two

Today I'll show you "my" process for sewing my top.
I was so happy with my stash fabric color choices. This picture above is the back. I think it's so pretty!

The lace above and the lace below were remnant pieces from my kid's clothes in the early 90s. I stocked up on lace back then and quit sewing. I donated a lot of lace a couple years ago, but kept some "in case". I didn't think I'd use it for me, at my age, but y'know some popular pattern makers use "ruching" to embellish. Why not use my lace instead! :o) I think I personally like lace better.

Since Tom ruined my sewing table, I have been sewing at my cooking table upstairs in my bedroom. (until I "find" a new table that I like) My bedroom is 18' x 25' with a back door. I do a lot of things other than sleep in there. It's almost like an upstairs living room.

Sewing the lace on the back of the top, before adding the bottom band.

                                  Ready for the bottom band.

The back bottom band was cut wider on purpose to gather it and make it ruffle. The front band was cut slightly smaller than the back band and only slightly ruffled.

My Husqvarna on its last leg. It was slow going, I could feel it dying. After using my zippy old Singer in the woods to make curtains 2 weeks ago, it was hard to sew limping along on this machine. I just hate throwing this machine out. :o( Sadly it's not repairable.

My little ironing board on my bed, since I have no room at the table with the machine there. Very crappy set up, but I made do. It's hot here and I had 3 fans going on me! We shut the AC off at midnight. I started sewing at 10 p.m.

The front of the top getting pressed.
To "test" the fit I sewed the shoulders together and tried it on. Then I realized the darts weren't done- (eeek!) I really hate darts and hate patterns with darts. But enough whining. I put them in.
I added about 1" to the front neckline when I cut it out to make it higher. I dress modestly. I was hoping that was high enough. If not I'd add ?something? later.

My darts were from the size 28. I cut the front piece in a size 28. Next time I would cut the front a size 24. Since I want it to be roomy and I wear a size 20. The pattern is very true to size! (thank you Cashmerette!)

However as a 60 year old woman, gravity has pulled my bosom down over the years so the largest part of my bust is closer to where the size 28 is. (next time I'll test the size 26 dart on a muslin ;o)

Did everybody learn the hand knot tie for the ends of their dart? Yeah, that's part of why I hate darts too! LOL! I wish I had time to check out some tutorials. I wonder if anything has been changed up! (duh! LOL!)

I stay stitched around the neck and the arm holes. I like to do that on curvy sewing areas.

I ironed my arm hole bias. They were cut extra long just in case.

                             The neck binding attached.
Next I "clipped" around the seams to the stay stitching, to make sewing it down easier.

 After "clipping" I "stood" the binding up and sewed along the yoke side of the seam, sewing the seam down so the binding would "show" like this. The pattern shows tucking it under. I liked my version.

The Fiskar scissors on the left are my favorite for nice clean clipping. Even better than the smaller scissors.

 I looked everywhere to find a nice place to hang this for a photo. Oh well. This is the back.

This is the front. The neckline "looks" low here on a hanger. It's not that "low" on me when I wear it.

The arm hole openings (left and right) were slightly too big. Because of the front darts I could not just re-sew a one inch side seam; starting at the arm and tapering back to the original side seam of the body.

So I took the arm binding area in the under arm opening, and matched it together with the 1" folded and re-sewed under the arm. This gathered the top side seam a bit under the arm and under the re-sewn binding. It's not noticeable at all.

 Love the little vents the pattern has on the sides of the bands.

 All done. This is the front. Throwing it on my bed to critique. With picture taking it took me only 4 hours to complete. Without picture taking I would have been a lot faster. Of course speed isn't my motivation. Liking it is my motivation.

                            The back. Studying if I'm satisfied.

Folding it up, setting it aside as I clean up. I love how it "folds" attractively even tossed! ;o)
(my new sewing machine box in the background, I'll post about the new machine another day)

It makes me happy when I look at it! Isn't that what sewing is all about?

I really really love this top a lot!

In my Part three post I'll model it. And write my final thoughts. :o) Coming soon! :o)

Happy Creating!!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Cashmerette Top part "won" (its a winner ;o)

I'm posting this as 3 parts. I took so many pictures.
No it's not a tutorial. I just thought I'd share with lots of pics. Cuz that's how I roll  sew! :o)

After taping my PDF pattern. (I HATE pdfs!)
I looked for fabric in my stash. I only buy sale fabric. I was surprised to see how many sale fabrics I bought in the greeny blue hues! LOL!

I could have used 6 fabrics to be super creative. I settled on 4.

The dot fabric was a birthday gift from Kitty. When it's my birthday, Tom takes the 4 teens to Walmart and I suggest they buy things I need like 2 yards fabric, buttons. Then they surprise me! LOL!
I used most of the dot fabric on Kitty's up-cycled clothes. (a past post) But I had enough for this top too!

Did you guess which Cashmerette pattern I chose? I chose the "Springfield Top"! (I hate sleeves!)

And...........I hacked it. I think that's a young people term? (I'm not sure I like the term hack, let's say I adjusted it to my style.) My maternal Grandma never changed or adjusted a pattern. Everything was made exaaaaaaactly as the pattern. I grew up thinking THIS was the law!

I love patterns with a yoke piece separate from the bodice. (I recently learned how to do this with any pattern.) Jenny (Cashmerette designer) did this beautifully on the back of this garment.
I love her 3 piece bodice too.
I like the bottom band strip too.
Altho I do not like my clothes that form fitting.
I have a Cashmerette's Sketch book for designing your makes. I love it. I also love that with your Cashmerette pattern you get several "croquis" to doodle on.

On my Croquis I just checked off my priorities. I wasn't really feeling it yet getting into the pattern yet.

To be honest I was nervous.
Should I do this in muslin first?
I haven't sewn a pattern from a new designer in yeeeeeeears!
Am I doomed? ACK!
This started to wane my enthusiasm. :o(

Then I picked my pattern pieces. I did not choose style "1" or "2" of the 2 styles.
I chose to do both tops in one!!

My Sassy (yellow) just turned 4. My Martha left, (brown) is 3. Winty (yellow) 18 months is in his crate. This is what the dogs do while I sew into the night! I have to walk over them 1,000 times. (they are leashed so they don't leave the room when I sleep!)

Next- cutting and laying out the pattern.
I tilted the front piece at an angle, instead of lining the whole front piece straight along the fold. (make sense?)
I cut the front to size 28, largest size. I wanted it to be "roomy". I needn't have worried about that. Cashmerette patterns are very close to size. Next time I'd cut it to a size 22 to give me the "room". I normally wear a size 20 pattern.

This fabric was from Craftsy. I really like it.
I don't know what that dot on the left is, it was on the camera lense not the fabric.

I cut the back bodice (dots) at size 28, and the bodice sides (leaves) at 26. It was slightly too wide for my size 28 yoke piece (flowered fabric). So I gathered the center piece (dots) when I sewed it on. It looked fine, and the lace covered the gathers! It didn't look "off" at all.

 The front bottom band was cut slightly longer to gather slightly.
The back band was a bit longer and ruffled a bit more.

The neck and arm bands were cut extra long "just in case"! I have had past problems. ;o)
I wish I'd used contrasting dot fabric on the sleeves instead of green leaves.

And there you have it! All cut out.
At this point I was nervous.
Should I do a FBA? (full body adjustment- I just learned about those too!)
Should I get my rulers and copy paper and "draw" this pattern out better instead of cutting it out by the seat of my pants??

Nah. (LOL!) That's not how I roll  sew! I crave creativity! Rulers not so much! ;o)

At this point I was losing motivation. Giving myself pep talks about how this was going to be fine.
And napping since I'm not 100%. :o(

Happy Creating!!! ((((HUGS))) God Bless!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Just a quick post...............

We got home from the woods yesterday, Saturday evening.
I wanted to post my re-covered lampshade pictures from the Lodge. The lamp shade I posted about.
I'm really happy with it. But I can't stop critiquing the imperfections. It was my first lamp shade replacement so I am going to STOP finding fault with it NOW! ;o)

The silk trim was from the old silk shade. I like it. :o)
Before we went up north I had made my 13 yr old son Zay a new valance. He chose the fabric. Nothing fancy. For the last 16 yrs it was a baby snoopy print. He likes this better! (the fake flower vine is covering a plumbing vent from when this room was a kitchen)

Next project.......something for me! A Cashmerette top! (try to guess which one! hint- it's sleeveless!)
Coming soon! I'll try not to hack the pattern too much!
August is pattern "hack" month at Curvy Sewing!

See you in a couple days!
Happy Creating! (((HUGS))) God Bless!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Health is everything

The best made plans of mice and men.
After my curtain making I developed a fever with pain. My usual signs of needing a Dr. But I'm 2 hours away from my DR. And the kids don't want to go home. So I went to bed. Praise God the fever left and after 4 days the pain was gone. ugh It felt like lost time. I lost 4 days.
My creativity pile I had once hoped to do looked like a mountain.

One of my paternal Grandmother's lamps is up here. It had a real silk shade!! Problem is organic silk eventually returns to dust! So it was shredding. I ever so bravely decided to re-cover the shade! 
Nope never attempted anything like it before!

The silk had been hand sewed on for life. Beautiful sewing. It must have cost Grandma a pretty penny! She was never one to scrimp on quality. I left the original shade maker's bias on, to glue the new fabric to. I saved the top and bottom trim of the old shade to glue back on the new fabric. It actually has a sparkly thread running through it!
No beautiful delicate hand sewing from me! Fabric glue to the rescue! ;o)

 This fabric was from curtain making for our very first trailer in 1991. This remnant was the perfect fit. I cut off the little piece on the right side.

I needed 4 panels since it is divided on the bottom. They are cut, waiting to be pressed and glued. I can't work too fast or I'll get ill again. So they wait for now.

After I was well enough I'd promised the kids I'd do some clothes, linen, supplies (TP, napkins, kleenex) sorting with them. Tom brings everything from home to the garage and dumps it. The teens (my biggest helpers) couldn't find anything. So that took us 4 1/2 hours yesterday in the worst heat (95 degrees) and humidity (100%). We started early (8:30) but it was hot by 10 a.m. Very foolish of me, but when I start............ We finished all but the Teen girl clothes. They sorted and put away on their own stuff.
The garage still needs a lot of order- tools scattered, much needed small items tossed here and there. :o( Maybe next trip. Right now we are enjoying finding the clothes the littles need without hassle!

                                      This lamp needed a touch up! Glitter glue. Nothing fancy.

                                                         Just something to give it pop.

 This lampshade- plastic believe it or not. One of a pair from my dresser since the 60's.  I don't worry about "perfection" on things like this. It was all white. I added sparkles, flowers.

 My little entry light in my bedroom that is finally painted- 3 coats of oil based white. Never again. It started with 1 tiny can I wanted to use up and ended with buying 2 more cans ($22.00 ;o(
Then getting ill after 2 coats.
Finally it is DONE!
I do love the white gloss. But taking pictures of it reflects the flash really bad.
I no longer feel like I'm sleeping in a tunnel with the bright white.

It's been too humid to even paint anything else with enamel paint. At night when the humidity has dropped the tiny bugs fly in and stick to any wet paint!
Before the high humidity hit, the oil based paint took 8 hours or longer to dry.

The view of my entry light table from inside my room.
Instead of walking into a dark trailer after being in the Lodge, I have my little light waiting. :o)

This is the big trailer bathroom. The toilet is on the left and the tub on the right. Nice sized, but the room is so narrow! The door opens to the kitchen. I took this picture standing in the doorway. So if you are alone you can leave the door open and its more spacious. But I have the 4 teens coming in and out. So I'm crunched in there. And the bathroom had no toilet paper holder!! WHAT?? Well there's no room. This is my old toilet paper holder from the last trailer that had a much less squishy bathroom set up, plus that bathroom door opened up so you could be in the bedroom (not living area) and bath without visitors!
Anyhoo I did find a spot for the TP holder! You can easily reach it.
Who designs these things! ;o)

I need to get sewing. Another Day another Project! ;o) On my death bed I'll be glitter glue decorating the pillow cases! Hand me the gold sparkle please!
Hope I haven't bored you!

Happy Creating!!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!

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