sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Cashmerette Top part "won" (its a winner ;o)

I'm posting this as 3 parts. I took so many pictures.
No it's not a tutorial. I just thought I'd share with lots of pics. Cuz that's how I roll  sew! :o)

After taping my PDF pattern. (I HATE pdfs!)
I looked for fabric in my stash. I only buy sale fabric. I was surprised to see how many sale fabrics I bought in the greeny blue hues! LOL!

I could have used 6 fabrics to be super creative. I settled on 4.

The dot fabric was a birthday gift from Kitty. When it's my birthday, Tom takes the 4 teens to Walmart and I suggest they buy things I need like 2 yards fabric, buttons. Then they surprise me! LOL!
I used most of the dot fabric on Kitty's up-cycled clothes. (a past post) But I had enough for this top too!

Did you guess which Cashmerette pattern I chose? I chose the "Springfield Top"! (I hate sleeves!)

And...........I hacked it. I think that's a young people term? (I'm not sure I like the term hack, let's say I adjusted it to my style.) My maternal Grandma never changed or adjusted a pattern. Everything was made exaaaaaaactly as the pattern. I grew up thinking THIS was the law!

I love patterns with a yoke piece separate from the bodice. (I recently learned how to do this with any pattern.) Jenny (Cashmerette designer) did this beautifully on the back of this garment.
I love her 3 piece bodice too.
I like the bottom band strip too.
Altho I do not like my clothes that form fitting.
I have a Cashmerette's Sketch book for designing your makes. I love it. I also love that with your Cashmerette pattern you get several "croquis" to doodle on.

On my Croquis I just checked off my priorities. I wasn't really feeling it yet getting into the pattern yet.

To be honest I was nervous.
Should I do this in muslin first?
I haven't sewn a pattern from a new designer in yeeeeeeears!
Am I doomed? ACK!
This started to wane my enthusiasm. :o(

Then I picked my pattern pieces. I did not choose style "1" or "2" of the 2 styles.
I chose to do both tops in one!!

My Sassy (yellow) just turned 4. My Martha left, (brown) is 3. Winty (yellow) 18 months is in his crate. This is what the dogs do while I sew into the night! I have to walk over them 1,000 times. (they are leashed so they don't leave the room when I sleep!)

Next- cutting and laying out the pattern.
I tilted the front piece at an angle, instead of lining the whole front piece straight along the fold. (make sense?)
I cut the front to size 28, largest size. I wanted it to be "roomy". I needn't have worried about that. Cashmerette patterns are very close to size. Next time I'd cut it to a size 22 to give me the "room". I normally wear a size 20 pattern.

This fabric was from Craftsy. I really like it.
I don't know what that dot on the left is, it was on the camera lense not the fabric.

I cut the back bodice (dots) at size 28, and the bodice sides (leaves) at 26. It was slightly too wide for my size 28 yoke piece (flowered fabric). So I gathered the center piece (dots) when I sewed it on. It looked fine, and the lace covered the gathers! It didn't look "off" at all.

 The front bottom band was cut slightly longer to gather slightly.
The back band was a bit longer and ruffled a bit more.

The neck and arm bands were cut extra long "just in case"! I have had past problems. ;o)
I wish I'd used contrasting dot fabric on the sleeves instead of green leaves.

And there you have it! All cut out.
At this point I was nervous.
Should I do a FBA? (full body adjustment- I just learned about those too!)
Should I get my rulers and copy paper and "draw" this pattern out better instead of cutting it out by the seat of my pants??

Nah. (LOL!) That's not how I roll  sew! I crave creativity! Rulers not so much! ;o)

At this point I was losing motivation. Giving myself pep talks about how this was going to be fine.
And napping since I'm not 100%. :o(

Happy Creating!!! ((((HUGS))) God Bless!

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