sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Praising Him...........

We were cleaning up here (in the woods) in July and I found a few more pieces of fleece. Three pieces were enough to make two more throws. I finished these in the 2 weeks we were home. Which is pretty amazing considering all odds were against me. :o)
The bear throw sits on my favorite chair up north.

 The back of this throw is snow flakes. I beaded the bear side to tack them together. 

There is something about the quiet ("Be still....") of crafting and thinking to yourself about your troubles; ("and know I am God" Ps46:10) that always brings me joy and answers my deepest questions.
I hear Him so well in this peaceful time. 
In this world "noise" is everywhere. I sew while the children sleep, or after the youngest 6 go to bed.
I now realize I can meet Him there as I stitch in the final quiet of my day. 
Especially up north where there are no sirens, telephones or loud neighbors!

This is the front of the 2nd throw I finished.

 I beaded the center of each snow flake.

This is the back. I beaded each "box" along the edge to keep the sides closed.

I had lofty ambitions to make Zay something cool out of this fabric! So I brought it along up north this trip. 
First I really need to line my trailer curtains before the sun "eats" them up. (I use the bottom green fabric to line curtains.) I was just too ill.

Then last week I needed to take a new med since the nation has a shortage of Atenalol. Atenalol keeps my heart from racing. (tachycardia) The new med makes me sick as a dog. I took it from Wed to Mon. 
I lost sewing time. :o(

                                               The bear throw on "my" chair.

It has been unseasonably cold at night here in the woods. As low as 40 degrees. This is my little heater that makes me happy. Especially when I crochet in my chair next to it. While I watch Acorn Tv. (british television shows)
The little rug was bought 19 years ago for up here, but sat in SP's room until now! It's finally home! 
To the right you can see I started painting. I bought the paint last year and it matches my happy little camper curtains nicely.

More painting. I'm leaving some of wood brown because it has plastic trim that can't be painted. It would look odd blue with brown trim. So I'm just kind of accenting with the paint.
I painted while on the new med. It was not fun.

Tom picks up the mail once a week. I had a fabric order from girl charlie that I had hoped would arrive before we left to come here. But it didn't. Wed. I got an e-mail that it was with the mail that was held for us. phew! These (above) are 3 of the knit fabrics Zay picked out for his new tshirts.

                                                                      Two more.

                                                           And the last 2. 
I was very happy because he liked the same fabrics as I did! He chose them before I told him that! He lays on my bed and looks at the computer screen behind me while I scroll!! Lazy boy! 
Sew So it will be fun for me sewing on his choices. :o)
Very often he tells his dad what I'll say about things. And he is frequently right! Love my pumpkin pie!

I wish girl charlie sold woven fabric - just sayin ;o)

In my haze (new med) I thought surely I can cut 7 pieces of a 1950s shirt pattern, to make for my sweet boy. By the time I put this together I noticed my unusually sloppy cutting. 
I've since quit the med. Not sure what to do other than wait for my regular med. :o( 

Please disregard Zay's filthy arms! He was burning with our burning cage when I called him in! 
Here's the front. Shirts in the 50's were shorter than today. He didn't want the little vents on the sides of the hem.
This was absolutely the worst shirt in a long long time to put together. First, I had to seam rip for 2 hours and sewed atotal of 5 hours??!! 
Wayy too long to make a simple shirt. And then I had to hand sew the inside to finish it off for another 1 1/2 hours. 

                                                   The back.
                    (I should have straightened his collar! boys!)
The pattern drawing was misleading about the placement of the front yoke pieces. The collar sewing instructions were confusing.
There were no pattern pieces for interfacing! The collar was easy enough to interface, but the front yoke facings were harder to "guesstimate".

On top of that my fabric choice was just plain dumb. I wanted to use up the small piece of fleece moose fabric. Too thick. And the camo corduroy was very lightweight. Too lightweight. So the machine stitches had to be set longer to sew them together, so they wouldn't "bunch up". The corduroy wanted to "pucker" constantly. I did not have the correct needle up here either.(nearest fabric store is 46 miles south) So the needle refused to go through where the pattern was shown to be sewn along the seams of the yoke and collar. ugh. 
Seam ripping fleece should be a form of torture! The thread from the machine incorporates itself into the fleece!
Lesson learned.

My handsome young man all of 13 :o) 
He loves the shirt, he ran off to finish his chores wearing it. At bedtime he asked if I wanted it back LOL! Goodness if he loves it to death then all of my frustrations were worth it!

We go home in 3 days. Not sure I'll get much done in such a short time. I did get our huge garage completely sorted in 2 days. What a relief that is! No more searching and finding nothing! It's all done! 
Well until Tom dumps more things here on his trips up. (clean bedding, repaired items) He likes to pile things in the worst places. And he knows where nothing goes!! :o( ugh!

Happy creating!! God Bless!
thanx for visiting (((HUG)))

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