sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

This and that

My new sewing machine came last week.
I've been too sick to use it. I hate to learn a new machine when I'm not 100%.
It is quite different- thread spools "lay" down. Bobbin drops in! I may not start using it till October after our vacation days. My Zay (13 yr old son) will help me :o) He's my handy man.

I was reading a sewing blog I really like. She posted that this was her machine and it sewed all of her lovely creations. I've been looking at machines for 5 months now. I'm dizzy! I had looked at this one several times.
Sew So I bought it off her blog link so she'd earn a few $ from A*ma*z*on.

I painted a TV tray table to see if I could use it for a sewing table. But it just wasn't comfortable. Oh well, I have a nice  pink TV tray! LOL!

I pinned 2 more throws, using fleece from my stash. I just started tacking the one above together last night.
I can lay in bed to do this. :o)

 I finished this one (above) yesterday. Here it's just pinned.

My last 2 stash fleece pieces- Buzz Lightyear, and winter trees. Not sure how I'll finish these off into 2 last throws.

I was painting 3 crates I've had for a long time but had no "real" use for.
The pink one above will go in my new sewing room.
The red one will be decoupaged with Fair Isle patterned fabric and go up north.
They had their first of 3 coats of paint here.
The 3rd crate not shown was painted white. It will go in my sewing room too.
My white craft paints actually cover bare wood better than the enamel paints.
I'll decorate the pink and white crate with sewing designs.

I also had a few wood boxes (covers not shown) I painted pink for my sewing room. I'll stencil on these.
I had painted 2 red ones last winter for the Lodge up north. Now I'll decoupage those when I do the crate.

I had cookbooks on this shelf. Now I have Zay's patterns and fabric he chose for his new clothes. What a pain to find the "few" patterns for teen boys. :o( I had saved a few patterns from the 90's. But seriously where are the fashionable Teen boy patterns? He's too small for the mens sizes. I saw a couple men shirts he liked. Frustrating.

                          Little boy's sweat pants still waiting.

The 4 Teens bought me these beads for my Birthday. They weren't quite my style- but I use them on the fleece throws to tack the 2 pieces of fleece together. They look nice. :o)

The box looks quite deceiving. The Teens thought every square was filled with beads. But the 4 center ones had no beads in them! Oh well, live and learn.

 On Amazon I ordered 2 yards of Fleece that was decorated with Air Force planes. I think Amazon owns Anyhow, look how the box arrived!

Ugh! Of course the box was as light as a feather with only that 1 piece of fleece in it. So how did it get so damaged?

I feel like I'm falling behind in my sewing goals.  Right now I need to do our 2016 taxes for our Group Home business. My tax appt was made for the end of this month. I need to channel all my energy there.
But Creativity is such good medicine! ;o) Taxes not so much.

Happy Creating!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!
thanx for visiting!

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