sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Summer is over

I just realized today that I've been spelling Indygo of Indygo patterns wrong. ooops!

Last weekend I decided to sew something easy.
It is a Seamwork pattern. (the Mojave) I get Seamwork magazine.
The instructions were fantastic. Very easy to follow.
For fabric I used the blue sheet and some green fabric I had quite a bit of up here. (still in the woods ;o)

I was getting ready to pack up my machine. But I decided to make the Mojave dress.

 In the meantime I finally finished ironing the fusible interfacing onto the backs of the trailer curtains to help protect them from the sun. Above is how they look with the interfacing.

This was how they looked (above) without the interfacing on the back. They are a bit "stiff" with the light-medium weight interfacing. But the interfacing was the easiest fix.

 After 2 of my teens mowed. Our pretty Lodge. We had been painting the Lodge/garage for 3 weeks. We finally finished. Three coats of paint, new shutters. I love it!

Back to the Seamwork dress pattern, or is it a caftan? It was fun to sew. I did not alter it in anyway. Did not add any of my ruffles!
I liked the finished product!
My big mistake was not trying it on as I sewed it! 
I had cut out a size 20 top half (I usually cut an 18 top half) and graded out to the 26 for width/roominess over my hips.
I should have checked the sizing before I hemmed and finished it off.

When I tried it on the neck and shoulders were huge and hung off of me terribly. :o(
Sew So I got my seam ripper. (I hate that seam rippers are a necessity!) And pulled 80% of it apart, and put it over me inside out, and asked my sweet son to pin it, and now I'm going to alter it tomorrow. ugh.

This was the back.
The length was great. I loved the style. Hopefully my new shoulder seams will fix this. We'll see soon enough.

In the meantime I laid carpet squares in our 30' x 30' Lodge. It took me 3 hours- only because I had 4 teen helpers. Otherwise it was an all day job! One vacuumed, one moved furniture, one removed carpet square sticky backing, one ran with more squares and handed me scissors. :o)

As you can see the teen above loves the new flooring. We all love it. It not only looks nice and feels nice, it also absorbs sound. The pine ceiling, pine walls and the old plywood subfloor made it echo loudness.

Here it is around the furniture. The bad part of being on the floor 3 hours; was my legs lost circulation. To go to sleep that night I needed extra nerve pain meds. OUCH! I need to remember I'm 60. LOL! I should have gotten up and walked around. But at my age once on the floor its easier to stay there till you are done.
This week we close up the Lodge. We hope to be back 4 days in October and if it doesn't snow we'll come for Thanksgiving!
Another summer flew by!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sew done with Indigo patterns (nothing personal Indigo)

 I made a 2nd shirt for Isaiah yesterday with the same 50's pattern. This is the back. Isaiah picked out the fabric. I call the shirt "Moose on the Loose".
I did suggest to him that I could "trim" the sleeves with the green fabric, but as usual he takes his shirts and runs before I think of more! LOL!

The front of the shirt. He really likes it. I thought I'd make some woodsy looking shirts for him to wear in the woods. I remember in the 60s my dad had some cool outdoorsy looking button front sports shirts. I thought they were so cool!
This will probably be my last to sew up here. Sewing up here is much more challenging than at home. At home I have everything I need. And lots to embellish with.
Here I have to make do! I only have what I brought. For example I have run out of light colored thread. :o(

I mentioned I would try one more Indigo pattern. I don't know why. Their patterns are easy enough to make, but I find their directions totally confusing. This pattern came with a "placket". I think that's what they are called. I ended up not using it because I could not find a diagram or directions about where or how it went. ........sigh........Yes I have vision in only one eye with cataracts, but I'm not that blind!

I cut the pattern in the XL for the shoulders to mid bust. And graded out from there to 3XL for my hips and some roominess.
This pattern was smaller than the XL shoulders of the last looser fitting Indigo top. Even tho the measurements for XL are the same. It fits o.k. throughout the bust/shoulders, but snugger than I like. The sides I graded to 3XL fit perfect. The right amount of roominess.

I think the top is cute enough. But after my many frustrations and non-enjoyment of making the top (due to instruction confusion) I don't really like the top right now. ;o)
I am going to pair it with something Lagenlookish.  I'll use it as a layering piece.
I added a ruffle to the bottom. I like how the top looks. I  am just very frustrated about sewing the neck ruffle, and not exactly happy with how it lays.
Next time (no I won't make it again) I'd make a facing for the top to insert the ruffle.

 Here's my neck ruffle. You can see I made my own bias tape for the neck line. It just called for bias tape.

Here's my arm hole. I just cut 2 strips of fabric and ironed them in half the long way. Sewed right sides together around arm hole. Ironed them "up" and stitched around the seam line of the arm hole so they could be seen.

 Here is the back of the top. Yes I did cut my lilypad fabric upside down. I had not noticed the fabric print was one directional, because the dragonfly fabric was not. OY!
I'm fine with it. But it just added to the frustration of making the top.

 Here's my little ruffle on the bottom.
I can't make anything without adding my little extras. Like lace, ruffles, matching bias and different fabrics. Its too boring to sew 1 top out of matchy - matchy for me! See how the back hem is higher by about 1 1/2"?

 The pattern is cut, no pin holes. If anyone would like it please e-mail me and I'll mail it to you for free. It's all sizes xs to 3xl.

I've had my sewing machine out so much this week (and not in its carrying case) that it was getting dusty. My mom had given me a dish towel that I was throwing over it. Then I realized if I just sewed the ends of the dish towel closed after it's folded in half; it fits perfectly as the lazy me's sewing machine cover! :o) LOL!

I've done 0 painting on the Lodge/garage in 2 days and tomorrow its supposed to rain. ugh.

Happy creating! God Bless!
Thanx for visiting! (((HUG)))

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Isaiah's new shirt

 Yesterday I was not able to paint the building. (Lodge/garage) It threatened rain.

Sew  So I made Isaiah the shirt I cut out for him. This is another 50's pattern. The instructions were better than the last. When I get home I'll have to check if they are from different pattern companies.
I don't like putting collars in. But then I guess they are necessary aren't they. ;o)

 The first 50s shirt pattern I made had a V yoke in the front and a back yoke. This was a "simpler" pattern. It is vented on the sides, I call those side slits vents. And longer by 2" in the back. This was a roomier size than the other pattern. I used the same lightweight corduroy camo fabric and a cotton fabric for front yoke and sleeves.
He put it on and left in it! :o)

We painted enough on one side (3 coats) to get 2 sets of shutters up around two windows. I was so happy my Son In Love could make these for me. They weren't cheap. But much cheaper than buying them from someone on etsy.

Happy creating! God Bless!
thanx for visiting! (((HUG)))

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tired in a good way :o)

 This is my sewing travel bag. It must weigh 30 pounds right now. It has fabric and patterns I need to take home. I send it home the week before we leave. I bought it so I could bring my home sewing machine up. But I like the machine I had here, and had never had time to use before. :o) Buying this bag was a splurge and I'm glad I did!

I've been painting the siding and putting carpet tiles on the Lodge floor. Sewing has taken a back seat.

I did decide to sew yet one more Indigo pattern. I liked the ruffle neckline (left) and that its sleeveless. I cut out the XL top half and graded it to 3XL for roominess for my hips.

I found this fabric up here in the woods in my little fabric stash. It matches the dragonfly fabric I used on the last Indigo top with.
I now have no other fabric up here that I'd like to sew clothes for me. Other than my sheet that I used last time. That still has plenty of fabric left. :o) I still have a good stack of outdoorsy fabric I have no idea what I'll use for.

 I finished all 9 Twin size duvets. (made out of sheets). The one above is Isaiah's.

                                                  His has a plain green sheet on the back.

 Samson has Spiderman on one side and The Dallas Cowboys on the other side! He loves football and he was adopted from Texas!

 This is Faith's. Two sheets with brown Barbies. Isaiah folded half over to show both sides.

 Kitty's bed. Hello Kitty on top and he folded over to show the disney princess side.

Lysa's duvet. Bugs Life on top side, Care Bears on the other.

I would never make these again. Too tedious. But I made them for my loves. And sewing the velcro on the ends a pain. I wanted to use up my old velcro. It was "stick" on. I used a denim needle and it gooped up from the sticky backed velcro. I cleaned the needle after each row.

I was lamenting over having to sew a  lining to the back the curtains; for the 6 windows in the trailer. Last time Tom went home, I had him buy me some fusible interfacing Isaiah's shirt. When I saw the interfacing,  and looked at, it It hit me! I can iron on the fusible interfacing to protect the backs of the curtains! NO SEWING! YEAH!!

 I made 2 curtains to "cover" the ugly curtain on the trailer bunks. I love this fabric. But I don't know why I buy these pretty fabric patterns that I like, when I rarely find use for for them. :o(

                                                         You can see the print better here.

 This fabric was a longer panel. I cut it for the curtain. It has sparklies all over it. Again, I bought it without thinking. I should have thought what will I use this for? Certainly not clothing! LOL!

                A close up. Maybe if you click and enlarge this picture you can see the splaklies. :o)

Tom told me the power company was shutting off the electric for maintenance here at midnight. So I did not want to start any late night sewing. So instead I taped my "printed"??? (not) Tina Givens patterns. The pattern sheets are big enough BUT they are just like a PDF pattern. They must be taped and then cut just like PDF patterns. :o( Since when is that a "printed" pattern? Oh well. I do love her designs.

Oh, and the power never went off. So I cut till 1:30 a.m. I could have been sewing!!

I love Fall, but I do hate that its dark at 7:30 p.m. now. :o(

Happy Creating! God Bless!
Thanx for visiting! (((HUG)))

Friday, September 8, 2017

Endless trivial sewing and trailer painting done!

 I finished all 10 pair of sweatpants for the little boys. It took 3 days. I hate trivial sewing- making the same thing over and over. But I finished!

Above are 7 quilts, some 10 yrs old, some 26 years or older! They don't make them like they used to. Even with their minute holes and iffy fabric. They have held up 200x better than the new quilts I bought from Target. Those quilts bunched up their batting the first wash. :o( And I hate the new "silky" feeling bamboo? fabric quilts. I don't have money to buy better made quilts.
Sew   So I did this-

We never use top sheets on the kid's beds. They just bunch them up and even tho the older can make their beds. (I just can't "make" them make them :o) The youngest 6 can't make a bed with a top sheet.
So I saved some of our favorite top sheets from sheet sets.

Above I made 9 duvet covers from 18 twin size top sheets, for the everlasting quilts. :o)

I almost died of boredom sewing the 3 looooooooooooong sheet sides together. It took about 5 hours. When finished the seams needed pressing. They did not want to lay nice. I took a 2 hour nap first and then pressed and folded them.

I forgot my sew on velcro, to put on the open end of the duvets. Tom is going home for the mail and will bring it up tomorrow. The teens want their duvet now!

The finished painting in the back room where I sew and cook for the multitude. (there are 14 of us) I covered the glass on the cupboards with contact paper.

The "sewing" closet in that room. There are screws on the 2 panels below, so I cut the contact paper narrower.

 The top of the tall closet. Everything I am going to paint is painted in this room now.

In the little "hall" is a deep pantry cupboard I painted blue to match the kitchen living room area. I had leftover contact paper. So I put some here. I wanted to use it up.

I even used the last tiny bits of contact paper strips. I added them here after I cut them in squares, like little quilt patches.

The TV console is now finished being painted. I had just enough contact paper left for these 2 cupboard doors. I did it! I used it all up! The paint is not this "light". The sun was shining and then the flash washed it out.
I'm painting nothing lower for fear kids will chip it.

In the morning I hope to sew shirt number 2 for my sweet 13 yr old son. A much more fun project!

Happy Creating! God Bless!
Thanx for visiting!  (((HUG)))

Monday, September 4, 2017

Not dead yet! ;o)

I saw a blog (a fashion sewist's blog) titled "Not Dead Yet". I love it! People write you off when you are old.
I've been ill as I mentioned. But I'm still kickin! :o) Make every moment count.

I'm back in the woods for the entire month of September.
We love late summer and Fall up here the most!
Crisp cold nights and I'm up taping PDF sewing patterns for my sweet son Isaiah. (photo above) Oh how I hate taping PDF patterns.

This pattern (above) sizes for teen to men. But only picture burly men in the shirts! LOL!

I now buy tape in bulk. It took 2 1/2 rolls of tape for 4 PDF patterns. Good thing I didn't need to tape all sizes!

 A waste basket full of PDF pattern trimmings. I was thrilled when I was done. Give me tissue patterns any day!

Another vintage shirt find. Similar to the last 50's shirt I made. The other style had a V yoke in front. This front yoke is straight. And it has a longer hem in back.

I am making the short sleeved two toned blue shirt, bottom middle.

I really need to finish painting in my sewing cooking area.
We are also ready to start painting the new siding on our 1/2 Lodge 1/2 garage. Its 30' W x 60' long.
I've since painted the whole upper cupboard (above) 1 coat.
It's light pink, the camera kind of washes it out?

 The cupboard next to it is painted pink too. I need shelves in there. :o) I removed the doors.

 The completed light blue cupboard in the living room. I removed the doors to see my pretty plates.

 The completed bathroom door light blue in the kitchen.

Fabric finds for Isaiah's 50's style shirts. The camo in lightweight corduroy I used before. And several outdoor fabrics from up here. The fly fishing lure fabric (yes, I used that for a lampshade in another post!) reminds me of a light blue shirt my dad had with "flies" for fishing embroidered on the pocket. He wore it when I was in grade school. :o) If he were alive he'd love these outdoor prints. I once made him pajamas out of ducks on flannel! He loved them.

 Still have not completed the last 9 pair of sweats for the younger boys. :o(
Still love my 90s Singer denim machine. Not so thrilled with my Singer Heavy Duty 4411. The drop in bobbin is touchy. I thought it was just me- I read reviews say the same. :o(

This is in the kitchen/living area, I started painting the top half light blue. It looks very nice. My 15 yr old daughter told me it is bright and cheerful in the trailer now! (my messy bed behind there)

Since I've been sick my motivation level has dropped. I can stare at a project for an hour and not even feel motivated to start. That's so not like me. Hoping (Lord willing) I feel "peppier" soon. :o)

Happy Creating! God Bless!
Thanx for visiting!

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