sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Monday, September 4, 2017

Not dead yet! ;o)

I saw a blog (a fashion sewist's blog) titled "Not Dead Yet". I love it! People write you off when you are old.
I've been ill as I mentioned. But I'm still kickin! :o) Make every moment count.

I'm back in the woods for the entire month of September.
We love late summer and Fall up here the most!
Crisp cold nights and I'm up taping PDF sewing patterns for my sweet son Isaiah. (photo above) Oh how I hate taping PDF patterns.

This pattern (above) sizes for teen to men. But only picture burly men in the shirts! LOL!

I now buy tape in bulk. It took 2 1/2 rolls of tape for 4 PDF patterns. Good thing I didn't need to tape all sizes!

 A waste basket full of PDF pattern trimmings. I was thrilled when I was done. Give me tissue patterns any day!

Another vintage shirt find. Similar to the last 50's shirt I made. The other style had a V yoke in front. This front yoke is straight. And it has a longer hem in back.

I am making the short sleeved two toned blue shirt, bottom middle.

I really need to finish painting in my sewing cooking area.
We are also ready to start painting the new siding on our 1/2 Lodge 1/2 garage. Its 30' W x 60' long.
I've since painted the whole upper cupboard (above) 1 coat.
It's light pink, the camera kind of washes it out?

 The cupboard next to it is painted pink too. I need shelves in there. :o) I removed the doors.

 The completed light blue cupboard in the living room. I removed the doors to see my pretty plates.

 The completed bathroom door light blue in the kitchen.

Fabric finds for Isaiah's 50's style shirts. The camo in lightweight corduroy I used before. And several outdoor fabrics from up here. The fly fishing lure fabric (yes, I used that for a lampshade in another post!) reminds me of a light blue shirt my dad had with "flies" for fishing embroidered on the pocket. He wore it when I was in grade school. :o) If he were alive he'd love these outdoor prints. I once made him pajamas out of ducks on flannel! He loved them.

 Still have not completed the last 9 pair of sweats for the younger boys. :o(
Still love my 90s Singer denim machine. Not so thrilled with my Singer Heavy Duty 4411. The drop in bobbin is touchy. I thought it was just me- I read reviews say the same. :o(

This is in the kitchen/living area, I started painting the top half light blue. It looks very nice. My 15 yr old daughter told me it is bright and cheerful in the trailer now! (my messy bed behind there)

Since I've been sick my motivation level has dropped. I can stare at a project for an hour and not even feel motivated to start. That's so not like me. Hoping (Lord willing) I feel "peppier" soon. :o)

Happy Creating! God Bless!
Thanx for visiting!

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