sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

100 Acts of Sewing dress done!

 My bioGranddaughter/daughter Kitty. (I have raised her and her birth sister since birth) Once I asked her to try something on I had sewn, and now she insists on trying on everything I make! Well except her brother's shirts I made him! :o)

What could I say when she asked to model my dress for the blog pictures!! ;o)
Above- The changes to the pattern front- my bias around neck/arms shows instead of tucked under, lace on my pocket tops, pockets placed lower, and front of dress done in 2 pieces instead of 1 pattern piece.
                                              Side view.

                                              Back view.
My applique heart that says "Good Old Mom", the heart has gold fabric glitter around the edge, my binding I made around arms/neck, my ruffle back piece I added. The little "dot" midway down that you can see is actually a tiny gold heart. When I opened the fabric paint (it had sat so long) was separated and a drop of it fell on the back, so I made it into a heart! (mental note to self- never open paints over project!)

I love the dress. Very comfy! And very Grandmotherly for me I think!

On pattern review I noticed quite a few negative reviews about my new sewing machine. Especially about the drop in bobbin. I have not had any problems with the bobbin or the machine.

However, I do not like a drop in bobbin, the thread on top lying sideways, or the way you change stitches. For example, if I want a zig zag stitch I have to not only set the bottom dial to zig zag, but I must set the middle dial to stitch length and the top dial to stitch width. If you set only the bottom dial to zig zag without any other adjustments, it will straight stitch. ugh. It makes changing stitches take too long!

I had quite a few African prints I splurged on for several of my kids. Of course years ago. I donated the ones that had a more masculine look, my grown boys would never wear them now.

I could never decide what to use them for. My married daughter Grace said I should make pillows for her home. (I said to myself- boooring! LOL!) So I decided to make her a skirt. She loves the skirts with tulle under them, that to me look like Cosplay. Sadly I just haven't had time yet to do anything that "involved". (and my dislike of zippers :o) I can do them well enough, I just think they need time.

She also mentioned she liked shirt dresses and wrap dresses; when I complained to her how much I hated them! :o) (there's a glut of patterns for them right now)

Knowing how much I loved my Cashmerette Springfield top pattern, I decided to make her a Cashmerette wrap dress!!

I have cut it out. It was a bit harder to grade the sides out from the arms. (at the side seams) But I'll have her try it on inside out with the seams sewn to fix my errors. It is a super easy pattern. I love it already. I'll get pictures next post.

I'm doing the 3/4 length sleeves. I think it will need a slip. I hope Grace has one! :o)

Now if only Cashmerette would design another style that I liked! :o)

Happy Creating! God Bless!!
Thanx for visiting! (((HUGS)))

Friday, October 13, 2017

Life goes on and making the 100 Acts of sewing dress

I have been MIA since leaving the woods; and closing up for the summer of 2017. sigh.
Another year passing faster than ever.
Makes me feel rushed. And after being ill I feel so behind.
And I disagree with a common saying, I say "This is a race and not a sprint!!
But! I am catching up slowly!

I finally finished my 3 projects for the Lodge in the woods. I had wanted them finished in August. But I was too sick.

Above 2 pics are one larger box. Not my best work, but my vision was giving me fits.

Smaller box. Finding my "own" Fair Isle design. I like snowflakes, stars and deer. So focusing on better patterns.

 Free handing zig zags are hard with cataracts. But the teens loved them, and these will be theirs all too soon when I'm gone. So I let it go. :o) Bless their beautiful hearts!

I decoupaged this piece of fabric. I needed a new box in the Lodge. The one I made many years ago is used elsewhere. This will sit where that one was.

I love red. My kitchen cupboards are red. Not a red this bright but red. Tom said no way was I going to paint them red. Well I did! Lots of people love the look.............unless they are being kind!

About 10 years ago we bought a puppy from a breeder. I noticed on her website that her kitchen cupboards were red?? It looked like they were in my kitchen! When we got the puppy at their house I told her about my cupboards! (she also had my exact cookie jar! A bear!) She was surprised mine were red too! She said people thought hers were unique! ;o)

                    More fabric decoupaged with my painting.

And here's the 4th side done. Yes I love snowflakes! I couldn't live anywhere it didn't snow..........unless I was forced to! :o)

                       Last summer Lodge decorations- done!

I had more craft projects for the Lodge. But after competing the setting up of the Lodge this year- we didn't need them. So off to the Salvation Army it will go.

My son Isaiah (13) wants to start woodworking. And the three teen girls have other interests in mind. We'll have more room in the basement to do those things now. Live in the moment! :o)

So my wasted purchases must go.
But Salvation Army is a very good cause. They have helped my seriously mentally ill (36 year old) birth son so many times. God Bless them for showing love to men like him. I truly could not help my son like they can. The Salvation Army loves the crafts for the after school kids who are in their shelter. :o)

And then I decided I really must get sewing! With my energy not promised, it's now or???

I was featured in a beautiful blog at The Sewcialist! You can "see" me here! I'm wearing my Cashmerette Springfield top I love. I've lost a bit of weight from being sick and my teens didn't tell me it was slipping off my shoulder! aack! I need to alter it a bit now. It is a bit too roomy too.
Here's the link-

Above is the 100 Acts of Sewing  dress pattern book. There was no way in heck I could cut this pattern out using only 3 pieces!! So I got sketching!

These patterns are truly the best to hackable patterns! ;o) I had hundreds of ideas! LOL! But I did not want to over design it! So I narrowed it down to one dress at a time. And yes I will make more using this pattern.

Tracing my pattern went bad.
I have to remember it's o.k. I'm learning. I never hacked patterns until now!
The pattern calls for you to use the same piece to cut the front and back. She has the sizes outlined in different line patterns. Great. But my size (XL) looked like it had the same line as the Sm (Small) line when looking under the tracing paper??!!

So while talking to the teens and tracing I made a few errors.

On the back piece I caught the mistakes and corrected them.

On the front piece I "missed" them. I had not seen that I had traced the neck and shoulders in the small.

Once I sewed the shoulders and the sides I tried it on to see the damage. The front being shorter (small) brought the neckline up too high, so I adjusted it gradually cutting and trying it on about 10X not wanting to cut off too much.

The error made the arm holes slightly snug, but I'm smaller in the shoulder area, the pattern is made to be forgiving, so it's not anything noticeable. I just need to wiggle my arms a bit more to get it off. Of course I was trying it on over my clothes then, so without clothes underneath it should fit perfect.

If it had been worse I could have pieced a longer piece of fabric to the shoulder/arm area. The fabric I chose had an all over design that would not have been that noticeable if pieced.

I drew my pieces on my tracing but forgot to add my 5/8 seam allowance on the tracing paper. AND then forgot to cut it out adding 5/8 on a few pieces. OY!

I traced the top half to under arms in XL and graded out from there to 4X all the wayto the hem. I like roominess.

I knew I wanted to use Linen for my main fabric. But finding just the right color was hard. I was thinking lavender but the two pieces I had were either too light or too dark for my mood!

In choosing my accent fabric I knew I wanted something fun! I have had 4 patterned pieces of Mary Engelbriet fabric for yeeeears. I kept it even after donating a ton of fabric. I was hoping I'd use it! And this piece was perfect!

The blue linen was what my "mood" wanted. :o) I'm drawn to blues and bluey greens for my fabric lately. So odd to me because when I decorate I like bright flashy colors. I just don't want to wear them??!!

The clincher for this fabric was "Good Old Mom". I feel good and old! LOL!

I used the Teens breakfast cups (one teen skips breakfast) to weigh down my pattern. :o) I love this blue linen, it's lightweight and hangs so nice.

For a little pizzaz I cut out "Good Old Mom" in a heart shape to applique on the back up between the shoulders.

Flat lace along the front between bodice and skirt.

Making the pockets. Later I rounded out my bottom corners better. But first choosing lace placement. I didn't like it this way sewn on the front seeew so I sewed it...............
                                this way and I liked it!
Not sure yet where I'll place them on the lower front half, the blue fabric.

This is a ruffle I made for the back. It is placed on the bottom of the dress.

Love my lace. Can you ever have too many ruffles OR too much lace? I think not! If I could afford it I'd add more. I'm using up my lace stash from yeeears ago.

I am not done! This is the back. I still need to sew on my arm and neck bindings that I made with the ME fabric. I did hem it already.

This is the front. I am thinking of adding a trim of ME fabric bias tape along the front hem. (that's a Sphynx cat picture behind it :o) We have a Sphynx cat, Violet)

And I LOVE it. It feels nice to wear and everyone here says it's a masterpiece! LOL!

My son that is 13 tells me its "innovative" when I sew him a shirt! LOL!! Why don't guys use words that make sense??!!

I cut 9 super easy knit shirts for him. Now to sew them. Three of the knits bought online are a bit lightweight. I may need bias tape for the seams so the don't streeetch under my presser foot. :o( Not excited about that.

I haven't finished altering my Mojave dress from Seamwork. I'm just not inspired by it. I like it and will wear it, but I made it with fabric that was not exactly my choice because it was all I had in the woods.

So much to sew, sew  so little time. :o)

Sew what's new with you? :o)

Happy Creating!! God Bless!!
Thanx for visiting! (((HUG)))

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