sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Friday, November 10, 2017

C'mon in :o) Grab some coffee! Let's visit!

 I think I've mentioned a million times that I have spent the last 4 years de-cluttering. I gave away 75% of my crafting items that I had hoped to do myself or with my kids. But it ended up that none of the children were interested. And my life is speeding by! ;o)

After living in my house 40 years, I no longer keep anything I can't use soon or aren't using now.

The Shadow box above was something I'd always wanted to make. I painted the shadow box pink. I put a piece of scrapbook paper in the back. I bought the little miniature pieces. The metal pieces are speckled like real cookware. I painted the white pieces, they were wood. And I decorated them. The bottom left square has an iron on an ironing board!
I was so pleased the Lord allowed me to complete this project. As I really liked it. It's going in my new sewing room.

 I bought new curtains for my bedroom. My Isaiah helped me get the old ones down. He took down all of the hardware for me too. That's his baby picture on the right! LOL!
And my computer screen in the middle.
New rods have come. (from am*a*z*on)
I always buy curtains with a weather proof backing- to keep heat and cold out, and darken the room.

                                    The new curtains.

 I finished a large afghan for my bed. My bedroom was peach when I had my now girl's bedroom. I've always kind of kept that color theme even tho my bedroom of 22 years is kind of rustic, woodsy theme. I also added lavender, its my favorite color. :o)

 I am using my leftover yarn (laying on top) to make someone special a surprise afghan.

 These (above) are pattern weights. The ones on the left were bought for $14.99 several years ago from a sewing store. I didn't think it was worth the $ to buy more. The blue ones are weights from a walking vest! They work great. The ones on the right were from ankle weights! They were black and not very clean. So I cleaned them and painted them with metal paint. The paint is chipping, but they still look nice and work great!

 My little basket holds them. It weighs about 20 pounds! LOL!

 My bedroom back door where my 3 British Labs and 1 Rat Terrier go out to potty was looking quite dirty. It was an off white standard door color. You could no longer wash the dog grime off. I had painted the trim green 22 years ago. I had some red paint left over. I had used the quart of red paint on so many projects! I had just a bit left. Enough to do 3 coats on this door! I love it!

Once the paint is completely dry I'll hang a curtain and fix it up more. But with the cold weather we're having the paint will take longer to "cure". So next month.

 I have spent so much time searching for the perfect sewing table for my bedroom. First I had my son in love Dan make me one. It ended up being too short. Then I took a table I'd had and tried using that. It was too high.
This is the "Micke" table from Ikea and it's perfect. Its also only $49.00!
 It has a beautiful big drawer! Lots fits in there!

As I searched for my table I found this small adjustable table on am*a*z*on. I love it! You can adjust the height up or down. My sewing machine fits perfectly on it.

 You can see above it slides right under my new table when I put it away.

                               I can push it all the way under!

 I bought some buffalo plaid fleece to make a jacket. I love buffalo plaid!

 Here was the table I tried to use as my sewing table. It now stores patterns. :o)

 This little corner of my room is my sewing supplies storage. My body form, next to my mini fridge. (left) An old dresser, a bookshelf.(right)

 On the wall an antique lamp shade I'm beading with wire and white pearl beads. On the shade is one of my Paternal Grandma's hats. The one on the left is hers too. They are navy blue dyed straw!

 My paternal Grans apron. One of many she wore working in her Grocery store. When I was 13 I wore one too. Her's had a "Betty" name tag. I made a "Betty number 2" name tag for mine!
Oh how I loved her! :o)

All of my beads organized on one shelf. Paternal Gran's lime green can opener. :o)

Sewing markers, tracing paper, varnishes.

 Glues for everything from fabric to metal, glass.
A rotary cutter. To the right my ironing board about 75 years old from our first home, left by the last owner!

Thread, scissors, needles for everything imaginable! Bottom shelf paints.

Little knick knacks I kept. Two dolls reminding me of my girls Hope & Grace. A cute picture I bought in the 80's of a bear sewing for a bunny!

Winnie the Pooh. Little bits of Pooh's wisdom. A covered button kit from my Maternal Grandma.
Hunca Munca! With all my children I always felt like I was Hunca Munca! ;o)

 Just a few of my paints. I have more in the basement if needed. But these are my go to paints. So many of my paints dried up. When I need a color I often find it's no longer useable.

 Years ago I bought this over the door paint holder. I love it. It was pricey, but it holds a lot. These are my metal and outdoor paints.
This is the door to my 4' x 7' closet.

Our old buffet in my new sewing room that I talked about preparing for a while back. I'm painting it white. My sewing room theme is pink and white.
I had hoped to use a different room to sew in. I wanted SP's (group home gal) old bedroom. But we are fixing it for a new client. So I'm taking the smaller back bedroom.

SP did not want to move into this room. This room is painted lavender. The room SP wanted was Mary Anne's old room. (Mary Anne passed away last April.) That room is pink. SP wants her room painted lavender now! LOL! I want this room painted very pale pink! Now I have 3 rooms to paint!

 The hutch top to the buffet. I bought these 2 pieces in the 80s for $300.00. It was a lot of money then! I treated it like it was gold. Sadly it's badly beaten from the kids. The paint will give it new life.

 I painted 2 boxes. I forgot to take a picture of the white box. I used a stencil and some fabric paints on these. Nothing fancy.

 A white cabinet I had in my old craft room. Now in my sewing room.
17 years ago I decorated it with some stickers I had. :o)

 On the left you can almost see the little white wood hutch and buffet I painted white, decorated and glued miniature metal dishes on. I painted the 3 wood boxes and stenciled on them with fabric paints.

 I'm putting new fabric over these insulated curtains. I found some really cute fabric with a sewing theme. These curtains are the same pattern as my old bedroom curtains.

My Maternal Grandma's sewing machine. I took the drawers out to paint last night. The whole sewing table is wood. The legs are wood. We had a little sewer flood from a group home gal years ago that ruined the wood on top left side. I had it stored in the basement. Grandma probably would want the wood re-finished. But I have this pink paint and I've used on several other projects. It's held up nice. So I'm painting over the damage with pink!

These are the drawer fronts already painted and varnished.

 This machine is state of the art. Maternal Grandma was an expert sewer. She sewed everything for her 2 daughters on a cheaper machine as a divorced working mom. When she married her 2nd husband (my birth Grandpa was a mean alcoholic) the man I knew as Grandpa, he bought her this machine to last till they died.  It is very fancy!
Before she died I had no idea she had such a beautiful machine!!!

 I also have her little sewing cabinet. So tiny! I have her sewing stool too.

It opens up on top and has a drawer. I don't know what that wood spindly thing attached to the top is for? It doesn't move? What would go there?

 The wood legs on the sewing table. Lotsa dust!

 The treadle was removed?? Not sure why or where it went. They threw nothing away!

 My Paternal Grandma had this beautiful boxed machine. Only used for mending. I saw her use it once in her living room on the coffee table. I found a blog from a woman who was gifted this exact machine. It was dated from the 20s. My Dad was born in 1933 when Gran was 26.

 This sewing table that the Singer in the box is sitting on was a gift to me from my Maternal Grandma and my Grandpa. I love the treadle and the iron works. It's a stunning sewing table.
They refinished the wood.

                                            So fancy!

The sewing table is extraordinary but the machine they gave me is very basic. Nothing very fancy at all! LOL!! I don't think they had high hopes of my sewing capabilities. My Maternal Grandma sewed everything exactly like the pattern. She had sewing laws and rules never to be broken! And I was a free spirit, fumbling my way and fudging seams. When I asked for help she's just take it and sew it for me. I didn't dare argue. I decided new was better. So I bought a new sewing machine with a zig zag stitch. That was 38 years ago. It was portable. I dropped it. :o( It was destroyed. I bought a used Husqvarna, making payments on it. There began my love of the Viking brand. :o)
I did use this old Singer they gave me. But the more I learned about sewing the less I used it.
I'm getting both machines serviced. And I will use them again. My Granddaughter Kitty I'm raising has her eye on my Maternal Grandma's machine. (her Great Great Maternal Grandma!) :o)

Well that's what I've been up to. How 'bout you? What's new?

Happy Creating! God Bless!
Thanx for visiting! (((HUGS)))

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