sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Monday, February 12, 2018

I've found lots of inspiration, creating as best I can

I found this pink table and shelf on I*k*e*a*.
My new sewing room is pink and white. So I had to have it. I can't believe how reasonably priced their items are. :o)

I haven't been able to work on my sewing room. I've been ill. The kind of ill where you keep a commode in your bedroom because your kidneys aren't well and work harder than they should. The kind of sick where your vision is nearly gone, and your balance is bad. Bleh.

 I managed to paint my once white back bedroom door red. I love it. I had 1/2 a can (quart) of red paint from 15 years ago I've been trying to use up.
I finally used it up! :o)

This door is kitty corner, to the right of the red door. It leads into the boy's bedroom. It was brown unpainted wood. 15 years ago I did the paint design on the window. This year I made the little curtain on it, it matches the flag! The "hooks" are where the boys hang their pajamas when they get up. The door is open when they are awake. Many years ago that door led to a porch from the boy's room. We tore the porch off and added my bedroom.

I have a cute little entryway now. With shelving also added on the left of the red door . The area used to be "open".

 My sweet Isaiah hung up my new curtains. He took the old curtain rods down and put up my new curtain rods. (in my bedroom) I love them.

The funny thing was I thought I had only bought one curtain panel for this window; until several weeks later I found the other panel had fallen behind a box in my closet! Ack! I now have it put up on the other side. It looks better now. Not silly like above with one panel.

I put some "old" pansy contact paper on some of the furniture in my bedroom to brighten it up. I had a lot left over from many years ago putting it in the downstairs bathroom.

The box in the back is one of 4 floor tile boxes. I laid carpet tiles in Isaiah's bedroom and the upstairs hallway. The boys love it! Isaiah and Lysa pulled up his old carpet tiles and cleaned every drop of glue residue the tiles had left behind.

 When I work I have to use very bright lamps. This is one by my paints and threads.
 This one I use to sew, and while I'm on the computer.
It also has a magnifier. I need lots of things magnified, like hand sewing and threading the sewing machine needle.
 This magnifying lamp hangs over my bed. I swing it towards me and use it to read, sew, crochet, paint. The light is very bright.
This magnifying lamp is carried to places where it's too crowded to leave a magnifying lamp.

 This was my Maternal Grandma's sewing stool. Look at the tiny feet on this! It is not very sturdy. I don't know how often she used it but I can't sit on it. I use my Dad's old office chair he had at his desk before he died. It has wheels which are a must! And swivels which is great for tight spaces.

 Inside the stool some of my Grandma's sewing treasures.

 This was my paternal Grandmother's sewing machine. It was kept in a closet. It has the lovely wood cover. (left side back)

 I bought 2 new Husqvarna machines last year. This one was re-conditioned. It's the Emerald. The other was on sale for Husqvarna's anniversary. It's called the Tribute. I love them both. But I haven't been able to use them to sew a garment yet. I've been too ill.

 Being ill means more time to crochet. :o) Which I find very meditative. Nothing fancy, just my favorite standby stitches.

 Hearts down the center of this one. This afghan is called "Do you know how much God Loves you?"
My design.
In bed I finished my son's Air Force blanket. This is the back above. It's fleece.
 The top and bottom have a row of antique airplanes.
Above Isaiah held it up. The bottom panel can't be completely seen because there's a table on either side. I use yarn to tack down the top and bottom panel. I used clear beads I then sewed on in special areas of the airplane jet panels. They make the jets glisten, and the clouds sparkle.
The side panels were tacked with yarn too. They are circles of all Military Branches.

 I made 2 smaller quilts. One for my Moses and one for my Julius. Above is the monkey back of Julius' quilt, the baby Snoopy one is the back of Moses' quilt.

 This is the front of Julius'. I did a running stitch in white baby yarn along the squares.

 This is the front of Moses'. I did a running stitch in baby yarn around the minion and the rectangle. Both quilts have double batting. I use double lofty batting on all my quilts. :o)

I don't "do" quilting. I can't do anything so tedious. Especially using machines to quilt. It just drives me crazy! I love the slowness of hand sewing for completing the projects. I love to hold the quilts in my hands.

Sometimes it feels like I get so little done when I'm ill. But then blogging this I realize, I'm doing o.k. I'm o.k. :o)  I'm very blessed to have completed so much!

Happy Creating! God Bless! (((HUGS)))
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