sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sewing something for me!

I've been sewing like a fiend for the kids. 
I zone out with my sewing, while listening to old tv shows on utube. The time flies. 
While I do get up and down a lot! This sewing can go on for 12 hours.
Once I get started its hard to stop! I just jump in after all the kids "orders" are cut and ready! And they are so happy to have the new items, its fun to hand them a pressed "pile" of clothes!

 Above my skirt fabrics from my stash I recently picked for me! 
                                               I'm excited!

I'm ready to make for me!
My current wardrobe= I wear the same floral knit jammie pants and paint stained tshirts around the house. 
If going out I wear one of my 4 pairs of ready wear denim pants and try to find a reasonably acceptable top! 
My "outside" clothes are meticulously cared for to save money last. I donated a lot of my too small/too big clothes.

Last year I did attempt to sew for me. It didn't last long!

A sewing blogger mentioned she needed to see her stash in order to use it, and get inspired by it. 
Hmm that makes sense! I removed the curtain that hid mine. 
This is my stash. 
I've stored it on this very shelf for 30+ years.

About 20 years ago it grew into many large rubbermaid tubs plus this shelf. (impulse buying:o( 
Most of that was donated too.

The only other fabric I have, besides what is on this shelf, is in my current sewing queue. Oh! and 2 large chunks of fleece for the boys downstairs. ;o)

The boxes on the bottom of the shelving (photo above) hold sleeve/neck/cuff ribbing. 

 The boxes on top of the shelving hold interfacing, zippers, snaps, elastic etc. The largest box has scraps.

                                            Under my bed is lace and trims.

I'm very happy I have the stash under control! ;o)

Patterns are boxed. They are in my new sewing room downstairs, that is awaiting completion. We worked on 3 rooms downstairs this winter and only finished one! ugh! Summer is here, time for outdoor projects.

Happily this spring I realized I wanted to wear skirts. I had tried RTW skirts, but they tripped me up walking. So the high/low skirt sewing patterns looked perfect!

I love florals. I love big floral colors and patterns! I had made myself a few floral tops last summer, before realizing floral tops are not my style! I just like how they look! sigh

I decided to search skirt patterns online. I also have a bad habit of shopping patterns on etsy late at night. I tend to end up buying more than I need.

For instance when I picked my skirts. I found 3 patterns for a skirt I  will actually wear and love.
Burda 5131 , 
Simplicity 8135 , 
And the pattern for the skirt I made below- Simplicity 1112 . 
But I bought at least 6 more skirt patterns that I am not sure of. 

 I love this skirt! Its very comfortable and very easy to make of course.

 The pattern drawing shows the skirt has a smooth "corner". But its not rounded on the paper pattern. It dips down and up on each side, before it joins the back.

Recently I remembered how much I liked paperbag waist pants in the 90s. So I may make a pair of wide legged paperbag waist pants out of florals too. They will be cropped because I hate long pants!

                               My sweet love Kitty holding my skirt for me. 
This skirt is very wearable, very comfortable! I can't say enough how much I love it. And I love seeing it.

 The waist is a band, not a fold over. 
I graded the pattern 3 sizes up (it only goes to size 20) to make it "fuller". I graded the waist band up too. (I'm a 20 top and 24 bottoms)

 I made a paperbag waist on my skirt! I love it! I can't wear rows of elastic on my waist. So this ended up perfect. 
As you can see in the photo where I'm wearing the skirts, that I have on a RTW solid color shirt. I got a great deal Memorial weekend on knit fabric in solid colors. So Solid tops it will be. No pattern picks yet. But I'm narrowing them down.  

Happy Creating!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!
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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Sewing for a teenage son

 Sew, I love sewing for my boys. Nothing fancy and really quick sewing. Not making pants with zippers yet. But soon Isaiah will want pants that zip up.(he has hand-me-down jeans galore from lots of older bros) I can do a fly, I just don't if I don't have to. ;o)

My special needs boys are 10,10,13,13,15 and 23. They like anything that is comfortable. They need sleeve and pant length adjustments on everything. Which is funny because the pants I made 15 yr old Noah last look like knickers on him! oh my! He still wears them on the deck outside- since they can get destroyed, they aren't for wearing traveling!

                                 sleeveles shirt for Zay

When I sew for Isaiah (14) I show him the patterns I like. 
(ha! ha! the 3 teen girls at home would never allow me to show them patterns I like! LOL!) Usually retro fashion patterns from the 40s and 50s. They remind me of my dad. Some are from the 90s, saved after sewing for my oldest boys now 37 and 42. Altho I did give a few of those away too and even "re"bought several on etsy.

After he picks patterns Zay and I go online shopping for sales. I used to shop online because I worked at home. Now its hard physically for me to shop at all unless its a quick trip. (pattern shopping and fabrics are not a quick trip) Online shopping is a blessing.

But I hate fabric shopping online. And I hate pdf patterns! I can give up pdfs but I do have to shop online. 

I don't have a lot of "boy" fabric in my stash. Without thinking I donated a lot of it a few years back. I did stock up on fleece and ribbing this year. I used up all my fleece and boy colors of ribbing from the 90s this year. When I have boy fabric I use it up fast. The remnants are used for the younger boys clothes after I make Zay's.   
 The fabric he picked for 2 of the striped shirts was very lightweight. I hate that, BUT we prevailed. Fabric shopping online is iffy. You can't touch it! Colors are different once home. I used bias tape on all the seams to strengthen them. Above I used red. Its great sewing for boys because they don't get all picky! ;o) I used up colors I had in my stash. 

 This digital camo knit was a bit heavier. No real hassles to sew!

                                 Another knit fabric that was lightweight. 

 The shirt above, I bias taped the sleeve edge. Too lightweight to fold over. The needle could poke tiny holes. On the raglan sleeve seam I let the bias tape "show". It looks nice. Like I had planned it! ;o)

 The edge of the bottom was bias taped too like the sleeve to finish it off.

 Side seam (above) bias tape peaking out. No I did not try to match the stripes! Happy accident!

 A very nice weight knit above. I do add length to the shirts. Retro shirts run short. He's so thin he's a perfect size 12, with length added. I put navy blue ribbing on cuffs and white ribbing on the neck since we were low on it!! He doesn't even notice. ;o) Sweet boy!

 Another nice weight knit. It looks like a charlie brown shirt to me! :o)

 Another nice weight knit above. And a 90s kwik sew pattern.

We both love Nordic style. I decorate a lot of things for the Lodge in the woods up north with that theme. So this fabric was a must! ;o) It too was a very nice weight! I so enjoy sewing for him!

And sew I leave you with that! 

Happy Creating! (((HUGS))) God Bless!
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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

For the love of a boy

 My sweet Isaiah is 14 this year. And I am 61. What would I do without him? I will admit at 47 I did not want to have a baby. God knew better. Isaiah has a heart for helping me. He is a gift from God.

My old dresser had cheap original metal "pulls". Several fell off and one of the dogs even knocked one off unintentionally!

These new knobs were from India. I thought they perked up my bedroom set. (dresser, chest of drawers and commode stand)

They were sold in bags of 24, for a great price. But only a few matched. 

The pulls had left 2 holes each side. So it was a lot of knobs!
I like them. They make me smile!

 I recently fell in love with Sashiko Japanese embroidery. I love hand stitching. I'd never used #5 perle cotton before. 

  In the late 80's I bought this fabric, already printed with a quilt pattern on it. I was going to make a quilt for my bed. I liked the idea of the fabric, this was new back then, to just stitch over the already quilt patterned fabric.
I've only ever pieced one quilt, and I did not enjoy it. Each square was a Humming Bird out of geometric shapes. I made it for my mother.

 The backing fabric for the quilt top, was bought with it. They were sold to match. The fabric is a polyester blend that frays quite easily but will be long wearing.
 I made the binding for the edge. It was a fabric I bought from Craftsy just last year. I love how it matches.

 I am sewing a Sashiko heart in the middle of the darker green flowered squares. The lighter colored squares will get sead beads on them.
I have a lot of squares to Sashiko first! I don't know if you can faintly see the heart?

                                  Here on the back is the back of the heart.

I am making this as a wedding gift for Isaiah. 
I don't know if I'll be alive when he marries. I want him to have something special for his wife from me. He just smiles when I tell him this. 

If Tom and I are alive when he marries we'll probably be the age of his wife's Grandparents! And his wife's parents will probably be the age of his birth brother and sisters, who are 23, 25 and 28 years older than him! Today they are 37, 39, and 42!

He's only known having old parents! Tom is 64. 

My daughter Grace makes gift baskets for friends when they have a baby. I saw this style of burp cloth on another blog. I used a hand towel to copy for size. Then I traced it to paper. I put the paper to my daughter Lysa's shoulder to see where to cut out.

Grace picked out the fabric. Each has 3 layers. Inbetween the top and bottom fabric is a plain piece of flannel to help "soak" up any spit up.

I was really pleased with how they turned out. I made 9 out of the fabric.
For my babies we used single fold cotton cloth diapers. We called them barfies! ;o)

I was making quite a few afghans this winter. (above) 
I had cleaned up my yarn stash and donated yarn I did not think I'd use. 
The yarn I kept I thought I'd use making more prayer shawls. But it seems there isn't as much demand.

So I am making scarves for the Salvation Army to give with the coats they hand out in the Fall. So far I've made 10 men's scarves.

People tend to donate a lot of this type of thing for women and children. But there are a lot of homeless men who really need things like coats and scarves and gloves.

I have a 37 year old birth son who is mentally ill. In and out of prison. Living on the street. For the love of him, I care about the men like him. Other men like him needing a scarf. I thank God the Salvation Army helps them. 

After I make about 50 men's scarves I will make some scarves for women and children too. 
It takes about 2 days to make one scarf. Nothing fancy just warm. I use double yarn.

Unlike the fleece stash that returned. I won't buy anymore yarn after I use it up. I will do more sewing and embroidery instead. 

Happy Creating! God Bless! (((HUGS)))
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Friday, May 18, 2018

The Fleece stash...................................has a life of its own! ;o)

                                                         I had a ton of fleece. 

I was going to make my boys pjs when they first came. I quickly abandoned the thought when I realized we needed 20 pairs at a time. (4 per boy)

So the fabric sat on the shelf. About 8 years.

I did not donate it because, I really like fleece! :o)

I did make quite a few fleece throws I posted about last year. But we quickly had enough throws.

I made dog beds that then became cat beds because one dog insists on nibbling fleece fabric. bad dog!

And I posted here last year the fleece scarves I made the kids, enough to last them a lifetime! :o)

I had put a few fleece blankets no on ever used in my fleece fabric pile too. (like the green Buzz blanket above)

 This winter I made my Miss Mercy a fleece sweatshirt. It even matches the dress she was wearing! ;o)

Soon everyone wanted one! 
Faith picks out all her ribbing colors and her fabrics. I just sew them up.
The Lab fleece was a throw on my bed that I didn't need. 
Faith is our head dog handler/waste picker upper. 
So this was perfect for her. 
Our Labs and I depend on her!

 Samson lets me choose for him. He loves anything I make him. He is my easy going guy!

Eventually the fabric scraps were only enough for parts of the sweat shirt. Isaiah has Lab sleeves, wolf front and back above!

I haven't had any time to pull out my new Tribute Husqvarna. 

I LOVE my Heavy Duty Singer. It just keeps plowing thru the mountain high piles of sewing I throw at it!

Only 2 x did this machine scare me into thinking it was no longer working. 
One x was a faulty needle- ONLY USE SCHMETZ! The bad needle was a freebie from Nancy's Notions.

I had checked everything!! Thankfully I had read in a sewing mag that a woman took her machine to the repair shop and he asked her "did you check the needle?" So I checked my needle- and THAT was it!

The x other was a poor quality thread.

I seriously love this machine. I especially love its simplicity. No computer!!

 Faith in another new shirt next to the pile of shirts (10) for the 5 little boys.

                                Mix and match fleece used above as we run out!

What do you sew with fleece scraps?? 

Green Pepper pattern company's socks!!

Above I painted dimensional fabric paint on the bottoms to stop slipping. 

Warning-The paint will rub onto the floor if you have teens like mine who insist on trying to slide in the socks. :o( naughty teens!

                     The Singer Heavy Duty sews 24 pairs for 4 teens.

                              Above, 48 single socks waiting for ribbing.

 This ribbing above was purchased in the late 80s. I used it on pajamas for my 2 boys now ages 42 and 37. It was flawed so I got it for a steal. But I bought A LOT of it. Back then I sewed a lot, the budget was tight.

I have now used just about all of it all up on the fleece projects. :o)

Nobody in the house cares what's on their feet as long as its soft and warm! 
I have bought socks by the hundreds for years. 
These socks outlast store bought socks. 
We still buy store bought socks to wear in shoes. 
These are for around the house. 
That saves me $$. They use very little fabric!

                           I used up my entire fleece stash! WOO-HOO!

                                                Again Faith picks her style!
                                             Any excuse for a photo op! ;o)

 Shaggy haired boys before they got Spring hair cuts. :o) Jacob above in his fleece sweat shirt.

                                                            Noah above in his.

Julius IS Curious George! (aka curiosity killed the cat)
His new fleece sweat shirt.

Wow! I was feeling GREAT! One huge pile of fleece stash sewn! Gone- gone- gone! forever......................................................

Um, until Samson requested a 3rd sweat shirt. 
So. I. bought. just a little. Ninja turtle fleece.

Just enough to make Samson his sweat shirts, a few socks. Scraps enough to also make my Son in Love Dan this pair of size 13 socks above.

 And then I bought just a teensy bit more to make my daughter, Dan's beautiful wife, these socks above for her birthday.

And, and, well just 3 more pieces to make 2 of the nicest women I know socks.

Plus some plaid fleece for a poncho, jacket, and vest.  

I admit it.
The fleece stash is back. 
And I'll tell you a secret- I hate sewing fleece. 

But it sews up so quickly! And its easily used up!

I don't have nearly as much as before. 
But I certainly have enough. ;o)

Happy Creating!! God Bless!! (((HUGS)))
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