sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Monday, June 25, 2018

I'm only going to wear what makes me happy!

I have never sewn more than a handful of items for me. I sewed them from age 14 (Home Ec.) to age 23. 
After my 2nd baby. I never felt I deserved to spend that kind of money and time on me, until last year. Before last year I felt I needed to lose weight, or to fit into a pattern size that was "acceptable" first.

I always bought fabrics I loved. But I I realize now that I loved them as art. Not as clothing fabric. Beautiful patterns of fabric I liked to collect like paints. No purpose other than to look at! I'd collected them for when I started sewing again, to use them for something?? 

I did finally start sewing again. 

Last year I made 4 tops. I made 4 indie sewing pattern tops. And I only liked one of the pattern companies. 
(until later I made my daughter their wrap dress and the sleeves were to small! ack! They've since corrected this. But I had to buy the corrected sleeve pattern? bleh! It's free in their new patterns.)

I wasted fabric and notions that I loved sewing those tops. This spring I picked them apart as best I could and salvaged what I could. 

I learned a valuable lesson from sewing those. Don't make art (for me to wear anyway- LOL!) Make what you love on your body. 
But what did I love? It took me a year to figure out! I thought it was dresses. Nope. 

After I realized I loved skirts. I realized I also loved wide leg pants with paper bag waists. (I love Tina Givens Lagenlook sewing pants patterns too!) I love to wear big floral patterns on my skirts and pants, is it in fashion? I don't care! All the big bold prints clinched my need to make solid color knit tops to go with. Of course you can get creative with solids too- using different solids together. 

My clothing color palette is blues, yellows, and pinks with reds. Those colors are what I thought I liked. But when I sewed my "artsy" tops it was hues of greens?? Go figure!
Thank goodness I already had a good sized stack of those colors I love in my stash!

I must say to those like me who hate their size. If you are not sewing for yourself because you've been shamed for your size or shape- please; you must make yourself something you love to lift your self esteem. Ready to wear clothes never fit my shape right and I looked stupid. Now I will only make clothes I love to wear that fit perfectly on me!
Friday night I sewed 4 pairs of pants. They are very basic, very fast to make. The fabrics are bold prints. A fancy sewing/design or pattern would get lost in the print.
Above new pants on the ironing board, without elastic in yet.

Above the front view of my new pants on me. (photos of me by my love Isaiah) I'm wearing and old raggy work around the house top here. ;o) Hey! I'm in the woods!
I did not want the legs to lose the look of pants. Like culottes or split skirts. I hate long pants any time of year. So these are capri length.

The back of the pants (above) looks a bit more full after covering hips and back side. I have a flat bum, but hips make up for that.

 Above side view. Yup, there's my tummy. I've hated it for 40 years. Guess what! I don't give a rats a** anymore!! This body has birthed 4 children and lived a life I've loved. What more could I ask of it!
(well maybe no blindness, PCOS or MS, but for all the good its done- I won't be greedy)

I saw on a blog a sewist used a piece of ribbon on the back of her pants to make finding the back easier. I stole the idea! I have no ribbon in the woods. Closest store is 50 miles away, I used fabric scraps. :o)

I read in Barbara Emodi's book that she used masking tape to mark her fabric after cutting it out. 
So do I! I use it to write pattern piece number, or F for front or B for back. And to mark pieces if its hard to tell wrong side of the fabric. Or just to help with any little reminder a tired old lady may need before she accidentally makes a mistake while sewing!

The finished pants! I love them. I soon realized 5 pair (one at home) is not enough! I need at least 5 more for rotation and in case they get dirty from little boys who touch me with their unwiped after lunch hands!

The paperbag waist above. Adds "bulk" to my waist but I don't care. My shirt ends up covering it. I still like the look of it. I like the feel. And it makes me HAPPY!
I'm only going to wear what makes me happy from now on! (did it really take me 40 years to learn that?)

             LOVE-LOVE my pants! LOL! Did I say that already?

After I cut my 8 skirts out Saturday night I had enough fabric for 4 more pants. That was all the fabric I brought up. 
So that will be 10 skirts I make total, 2 made are at home.
I still have 3-4 skirt patterns to draft to my size. I will hold off sewing them after I've worn my already made skirts first. I now have 1 TNT skirt and pants pattern- woo-hoo!

Before we came to the woods the solid knit fabrics I ordered came. (for my tops) I left that at home, I'm lucky enough to get the skirts/pants sewn this trip!

Happy Creating!!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!
Thanks for visiting!! 

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