sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Three more skirts I forgot to post

I'm still in the woods. :o)
We were all going home Monday, but I changed things up for some of us to go home Wed. night!
Six went home ahead on Sunday with the kitties. The dogs are with me.
This worked so well I'm going to see if some of us can stay longer in August too. We spend all of September here.

I just finished making the kids clam chowder. Now I'm sipping a big cup of coffee with thick cream. Tastes like dessert! I eat keto, but the kids choose between glutton free foods and keto. Our boys with Down Syndrome don't tolerate gluten. SP our group home gal and Tom eat every kind of fast food and sugared food they can. To each his own.

Meantime, I have been procrastinating. Here are the last 3 skirts I made in the woods.
          ***Warning Grandma legs! If squeemish-don't look***
Above I made view C on the far right.

 Above I made view C and D. C is far left and D is next to it.

 Above view D (B5991) made with stash fabric from the 80s. Slightly off center I see. :o) Later I adjusted and sewed through the elastic on each side seam of the casing. Now the skirt can't travel around my waist when I wear it.

This was a simple sew of course. Fast to make. The only problem is the fabric from the 80s is very lightweight, I need a slip or some capri leggings underneath. I'm sure in the sunlight you could see more than I want through it.

 Side view above. I notice here on mine and other sewists skirts/dresses, the hem can be slightly higher in back from larger hips. I see mine is too.

                                                     The back above. 
Love my sewing area in the woods. My exercise bike in the room is ridden by me only for mobility and building strength, nothing fast and sweaty- ha! ha!
I won't make this skirt again. It's not "me". :o)

This is view C (5991) above. This was an odd fabric with a larger weave than most cotton. A bit heavier fabric. Not sure if I like it. Need to wear the skirt more.
I would not make this skirt again, because I prefer the scarf hemmed skirt I posted about before. The skirt with the contrasting edge. I love that one. This one is too plain for me. Adding anything flouncy or frilly to it would look tacky. 
It's kind of blah.

                                       Side view above.

                Back view above. Also an incredibly simple, fast sew.

                                              Above- the front of B5892 view C. 
I love this skirt. This is me. But I'll tweak the pattern next time. I thought the lower ruffle was a bit short for my taste. That was my only disappointment. I will make lots of these. It's my favorite. 
The only time consuming part is the 3 piece ruffle. I think next time I'll cut it out as 2 pieces the same length. I hadn't thought about where the 3rd seam would be. So once I "fit" the ruffle and I pinned it, I realized the 3rd seam was visible in the front. You can't tell unless you look for it, it just bugs me :o)
 Above the side view. I like the side view. I'll add 4" length to the bottom tier on the next skirts I make.

                                       Above back view.

 This is just to show the hem line on the skirt. (above)
It isn't as  easily visible when worn. The pattern shows it more visible. Less full.
As always I sewed my super comfortable paper bag waist on these skirts, as I always do. ;o)

                                             The scarf skirt hem above. 
It is not as "full" as the other scarf skirt I made. I am now pretty much set with skirts for home. I'm going to make a few more skirts for when I'm in the woods. 

Well I better get back to closing up for tomorrow!

Happy Creating!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!!
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Metamorphic dress made apron

I wanted to use up my 1980's cotton fabric I showed below in another post. I decided to make aprons. My inspiration- Tasha Tudor. 

I am a HUGE fan and admirer of Tasha Tudor. I even walk barefoot in the woods like she did all her life. And I too had a Corgi for 14 1/2 years! :o) 
So Tasha, oh! and Queen Elizabeth (another Corgi lover) are my kind of people! Maybe they live/lived very different lives, but when you love a Corgi! Corgi's are just special. You know fairies ride on their backs! Corgi lovers are my kind of people! 
I have 3 British Labs now. They are well bred and good dogs. But nothing to brag about!

Ooops- sorry back to sewing :o)

The 80's fabric is not quilting cotton, it is thinner than cotton lawn, its a more drape-y fabric. I don't know how I ever sewed on it so well years ago. Now cotton lawn and quilting fabrics especially, are a bit stiffer. Are they processed more, with some kind of finish?

These 80s fabrics have a more Laura Ingalls, prairie like look. Not a style I want for my wide leg pants or my skirts. So I decided to make an apron, Tasha Tudor/Laura Ingalls style! ;o) Two women who did have lives more in common!

I'd wanted to make the Metamorphic dress by Sew Liberated for some time. I love the layered look. But I'm no longer a dress person. At home I accidentally printed off 2 of this pattern. So I sent one to the woods. I was very glad I did!

I traced it a size 24. First I sewed a partial a muslin bodice. Too bad I didn't pay attention to it because the bodice (normally I cut size 20) was too big. Lesson learned. Next apron size 20 bodice, easy enough. Why do I always think I'm bigger?
The lining fabric was a pretty pattern I used years ago to make my daughter (she was 8, now 42) a Gunne Sax blouse with lace and ribbon. It turned out so nice. So wearing this apron will bring back happy memories.
Above you can see the skirt size 24 was too wide for the fabric. I folded the paper pattern piece over, along the edge (side seam) to fit the fabric. Losing about 4" of fullness.

 I really like it! 
There will be changes to the next one. I'm making as many as I can using up the 80s fabric.
The blue fabric was bought recently. I'm glad I found a use for the fabric in this century- LOL!

 Front view above. Next time I will not make the "over" skirt (blue) in the back. It isn't needed and makes the apron heavier.

 The front view bodice above. It is too big (wide) and falls off my shoulders. I added the ruffle, its not on the pattern.

 Because I did not tuck the skirts into the back of the bodice, (to make it reversible) I top stitched. (above) I also top stitched the bodice neck and arm holes.

I made a placket for the back. (above) I did not cut the back pattern piece on the fold; I made the back open. I sewed the bodice ends on each side, tucked in. No raw edges showing. I added the placket in case it was too small, I forgot to add seam allowance- oh well it's too big! Next time- smaller bodice. And maybe no ruffle.
The placket will have 2 large hand sewn snaps on it. (they are at home)
 Back view above. The back of the skirts were not cut on the fold and they have a rolled over hem on the center edge.

                                Inside above. Back opening. 

 It makes me smile every time I see it! It is too "heavy" for summer. But will be great for cooler Fall/Winter days.

 I put pockets in the side seams . Above I have my hands in them. :o) I'm not a pocket person, but aprons must have pockets. I did not do the front pockets. That would be too many for me!

The back above. 
Next time to make it "lighter" by skipping the back overskirt. But keep the front overskirt. I like wiping my hands on the overskirt, and knowing the underskirt against my clothes is clean.
The bodice is pinned to fit in the back. You can see left side is smaller. When it fits it feels great!

The side view above. 
Excuse my wardrobe underneath- my sleeveless shirt (it's 90 degrees in the woods now!) and my flower pants from the 90's. ;o) The aprons are made to be worn over my new wardrobe.
The mess in this space (trailer) is my sewing, exercise bike, along with cooking supplies for 14 people! 3 activities in one space!

So to make a long story short, its a great pattern, super easy, takes a bit more time with the lining and layers, and easy to re-construct (aka hack) to your liking.

Happy Creating!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!
Thanks for visiting! :o) 

Sunday, July 8, 2018

You can't make me wear that!

After I was preparing to post this, I saw I had not posted about my first 3 skirts I made for my new wardrobe!! ack! Oh well next post.

So the post title- yes, you can't make me wear that! Who is the "you"? Ready to wear companies. Not one makes anything to look nice on ME! I will not compromise!!

The world worships what few can obtain. The perfect figure. Even my vain petite thin mother lost her shape by age 60. 
I was her shame, I was fat like my father. Judge Judy says Beauty fades, dumb lasts forever. A bit harsh, but beauty does get old.

Since I have been sewing a wardrobe that I love, in my size, with no shame, exactly how "I" like it. I am loving my me-made clothes! 
When I first started searching for my style I looked at lots of sewing blogs and indie sewing patterns. And my first thought was- that "looks" homemade. I don't want to look homemade. Lots of boxy tops, simple lines, not much draping and no "extras" like flutter sleeves.
But I was wrong.
They don't look homemade. They look Me Made! They are a style. That style may not be my style but they look great!

My bold floral skirts and pants look different than ready to wear. They look Me Made! :o) No one has seen such styles for sale. They realize "of course she made them." 

When I was a new mother I often saw an older woman, a lovely Grandma puttering in her yard. She wore the most beautiful button front floral blouses in lavenders, whites. I thought I can't wait to be her! She wasn't thin, but she wasn't fat. She was elegant! Now that I am her age I no longer wish to wear those lovely clothes. I don't even want to wear my favorite color lavender. (remember the poem when I get old I shall wear purple? not me)

I will wear my roses proudly! Here's to wearing what we LOVE no matter what the critics say! We are fine just the way we are! Psalm 139:14 "we are fearfully and wonderfully made". 

 I am tracing the Metamorphic Dress. (above) I bought it well over a year ago. The pattern is already drafted up to size 24! yeah!

Tonight I'm doing a muslin of the bodice. I wear a 20 bodice and 24 skirt. I need to make sure it fits. 
As you age you shrink. Your skin goes where gravity goes, it doesn't go away. It settles in your tummy. My vain mother had a flat stomach until 60. (I don't say vain to be mean, I love her dearly, it is just a fact like me being fat- well I prefer fluffy!) 

 A trick I do is put a post it note over the pattern line drawing and trace it. I make several. I design them in ways I think look nice. Then I stick them on my idea board, which is just a large white board that offices use dry erase markers on. I didn't draw any ideas yet. Hopefully tonight.

I love the look of the longer underskirt on the dress. I'll do that on mine. I am making mine into pretty aprons. So I will make a seam down the back of the entire dress. (The pattern is made to be reversible and go over your head.) I'll close the dress at the top of the bodice in the back with a snap. The big simple old fashioned snaps, easy to use. 
I'll show you when I'm done. :o)
I really need these so I don't get my new me-mades dirty.
I'm using up the fabric from the 80s above. I bought much of it to match and used it to make my oldest Gunne Sax dresses with it. The patterns were very popular in the 80s. My sweet ex son in law (daughter never should have left him) had a nostalgic fixation with the 80s! LOL! He was born in 1981, as was my first son. I guess his "fixation" made sense, I was born in the 50s, I tend to think of the 50s as cool!

Only the right top fabric with the fox on it is new. These fabrics are thinner than fabrics now. So when I recently used one of the 80s fabrics to make a skirt, I realized it would need a slip since it was so thin.

Haven't decided yet on a slip style. Probably white, something Prairie flouncy like. :o) Of course the skirt has to look good  with it! 
I never got to wear the dresses "I" liked growing up. We had to wear dresses until the 9th grade. And then the High School girls had a walkout protesting. They won! We could wear dressy pants. Oh well it was a start! 

And sew, I sew on!

Happy Creating! (((HUGS))) God Bless!
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Thursday, July 5, 2018

The last 3 of 7 skirts done!

Every summer I do our taxes before August.
We have until October, but we are super busy until November. When you have a business (we have a 4 bed Group Home) taxes are complicated. And I dread them.

This year as usual I put them off until the last minute. :o) I've made a good start, but every time, I find myself wandering away to sew. I'm so excited about my new wardrobe. I don't want to take a break! 

I've completed my skirts. I'll show you the last three today.

 You know you're addicted to sewing when you pull your laptop close to type and your right foot feels for the presser foot!

Above is the front of the skirt made from Butterick 5991 view A.
Please don't pay too much attention to the shirt I have on with these. I'm in the woods. Its not like home where I have a big closet full of shirts. The woods is for minimalists! :o) And shirts here are mostly "old" clothes. And 1 "good" shirt for going to Town.

                                             The pattern.

 The side view. I am facing right. You can see the pink underskirt peek out. 
Sewing in the woods is very limited. I can only sew with what I keep here which is very little, and with what I bring along each trip. I ran into a problem with these skirts. The casing was so narrow it barely supported the 1" elastic that I like to use. And I had no extra fabric from the skirts.

I sent home any scraps I had left from the fabric. Tom makes weekly trips for mail and supplies. I try to pre-send stuff back because there is only room for 4 adults, 10 children, 4 dogs and 2 cats in the van going home!

I tried to make the patterns original casing work. 
But it didn't. And the skirts don't hang as nice either. They are "heavier" skirts when made in cotton. Needing a wider casing. These skirts won't be wearable till Fall. I'd love to make three more with lighter fabrics for summer. I'll check my stash when I get home! ;o)

Here is the back view above.
So far I loved 2 views of this pattern View A and view D.
I wasn't crazy about view C. Maybe if I could make it fuller. I'd make view C fuller next time too. I wouldn't make view B because its too long in the front and I'd trip over it.

 The second skirt, front shown above. I don't have a favorite of these 3 fabric/color combos. I love all three.

The side view. The front green underskirt peeking out on the right.

The back above. Don't mind the back room. It stores a variety of things. :o) 
Sometimes I think when people see we store dried foods in buckets they think we are doomsday preppers!!

 The last skirt. Don't mind my old lady legs! They still work so I could care less how they look. With my MS I've been blessed to have few walking issues so far.

Side view above. Again I'm facing right, pink underskirt peeking out on the right. Kitty was my fashion photographer. :o) 

And the back above. These roses have little bees and dragonflies on the fabric too. Really cute!
The Butterick instructions are great. Plus the skirts are simple to make. I like sewing multiples of things for me. 

I don't sew fancy. I'm a utility sewer. I'm going to wear this, if its wearable to me I'm fine with it. No fancy seams. No serging. Sometimes wonky corners. I don't care!
Since I'm 61. I don't need them to last forever. So far no one else here has the same style as me- LOL! So when I'm gone they'll be donated! Or made into lovely quilts by my girls.

I've already seam ripped the elastic casings off. 
 Above the elastic casing - size from the pattern. It was too narrow and using thinner than 1" elastic was not strong enough.
It also wasn't comfortable. I love my paper bag waists I sewed on my pants.
But I didn't make the  new casings for these big enough of that.

 Above the fabric I had here to add to the waist casing. It will be in the back seen only by me. I NEVER tuck my shirt in.

The size of the casing pattern piece after I ironed it open.(above) The elastic was so tight, that it stressed the fabric. Only washing could get all the wrinkles out. This was  pre-ironing. Its not nearly as wrinkly now. 

Fourth of July brought a lot of pattern sales, didn't it! I was so tempted. BUT now before I buy any pattern I imagine myself wearing that style shopping, around the house, or at a meeting. And 9 times out of 10 I think- nope, its not me. Previously I was buying without thinking. It also helps that I no longer buy PDF patterns. After a year of too many tempting PDFs- I'm done!
I've done really well on not buying fabric too. I only bought 15 yards of sale denim for my 7 boys this month. 

Happy Creating!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!!
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Monday, July 2, 2018

The sewing I hated, the skirt I love!

Last night I was going to post. But first I thought I'd sew another skirt. A very fast easy pattern/skirt....not.
This pattern consumed me with frustration, so I'll write about this skirt first.
 I sewed the middle view. All 3 skirts are the same. You can't add length or shorten the main piece, so you get 3 different "length" pattern pieces. (short/medium/long)

I really liked my fabric. I bought it from Craftsy on sale. The front and back of the skirt are the same. There's a waist casing piece too, and 4 edge/band pieces. Simple right? 
But before I cut it out, I did not see that the suggested fabric for it should be 58" to 60" wide. My fabric was 45" wide. So I cut my pieces separate, not on the fold since it needed a lot of fabric. And I added seam allowances where the fold would be. I made a size XL (22/24). It runs closer to a size 22.

There are 4 points to sew when sewing the lower band on. Above is my only edge I'm happy about. I top stitched the band after I attached it. 
 Above is an ever so slight wonky "point" I sewed. But better than my first 4 tries. If there is a trick? to attaching the band, I could not see it. I thought the instructions were vague and poor for the skirts.

 While working on the skirt I saw the fabric had a flaw. :o( The hole above.

I made the patch above. Thank goodness I'd saved 2 small strips of this fabric from my pants. Near the hole was also a smaller hole. The patch covers both.

 Above at a distance the patch is hardly visible. When I wear it you can't see it.

I wanted to hate the skirt. Never to make it again. And throw out the pattern. But I tried it on and I love it.

Don't mind my trailer in the woods filled with necessities. :o)
Above the front.

 Above- the side view. I'm facing the ironing board. 
All photos of me by Kitty (15) who understands photo shoots for sewing much better than her brother Zay (14). LOL!

I'm not sure why the front looks longer from the side and back view below. The pieces are not specific to front or back. They are the same piece cut twice.
I have a flat bum, so that wouldn't pull it up. Maybe I pulled the waist band higher in the back un-intentionally.

And last but not least the back above. 
Its not a "full" skirt at the waist. But it is "full" at the hem. I really really like it. I will make it again after I practice attaching the band points on muslin. :o) Its my 2nd favorite so far. The Simplicity 1112 being my favorite, because of the ruffle I hacked for it. I have no picture of that because before we headed North, Zay erased it. :o(

I have used all of my fabric that I photographed in May, shown below. Well except for 2 yards of yellow on the top of the pile waiting for me to think of something to use it for!
That fabric above,from my stash made 9 capri length wide legged pants, and 9 skirts. Now all I need is to start my solid color coordinated knit tops at home!

Happy Creating!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!
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