sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Thursday, July 5, 2018

The last 3 of 7 skirts done!

Every summer I do our taxes before August.
We have until October, but we are super busy until November. When you have a business (we have a 4 bed Group Home) taxes are complicated. And I dread them.

This year as usual I put them off until the last minute. :o) I've made a good start, but every time, I find myself wandering away to sew. I'm so excited about my new wardrobe. I don't want to take a break! 

I've completed my skirts. I'll show you the last three today.

 You know you're addicted to sewing when you pull your laptop close to type and your right foot feels for the presser foot!

Above is the front of the skirt made from Butterick 5991 view A.
Please don't pay too much attention to the shirt I have on with these. I'm in the woods. Its not like home where I have a big closet full of shirts. The woods is for minimalists! :o) And shirts here are mostly "old" clothes. And 1 "good" shirt for going to Town.

                                             The pattern.

 The side view. I am facing right. You can see the pink underskirt peek out. 
Sewing in the woods is very limited. I can only sew with what I keep here which is very little, and with what I bring along each trip. I ran into a problem with these skirts. The casing was so narrow it barely supported the 1" elastic that I like to use. And I had no extra fabric from the skirts.

I sent home any scraps I had left from the fabric. Tom makes weekly trips for mail and supplies. I try to pre-send stuff back because there is only room for 4 adults, 10 children, 4 dogs and 2 cats in the van going home!

I tried to make the patterns original casing work. 
But it didn't. And the skirts don't hang as nice either. They are "heavier" skirts when made in cotton. Needing a wider casing. These skirts won't be wearable till Fall. I'd love to make three more with lighter fabrics for summer. I'll check my stash when I get home! ;o)

Here is the back view above.
So far I loved 2 views of this pattern View A and view D.
I wasn't crazy about view C. Maybe if I could make it fuller. I'd make view C fuller next time too. I wouldn't make view B because its too long in the front and I'd trip over it.

 The second skirt, front shown above. I don't have a favorite of these 3 fabric/color combos. I love all three.

The side view. The front green underskirt peeking out on the right.

The back above. Don't mind the back room. It stores a variety of things. :o) 
Sometimes I think when people see we store dried foods in buckets they think we are doomsday preppers!!

 The last skirt. Don't mind my old lady legs! They still work so I could care less how they look. With my MS I've been blessed to have few walking issues so far.

Side view above. Again I'm facing right, pink underskirt peeking out on the right. Kitty was my fashion photographer. :o) 

And the back above. These roses have little bees and dragonflies on the fabric too. Really cute!
The Butterick instructions are great. Plus the skirts are simple to make. I like sewing multiples of things for me. 

I don't sew fancy. I'm a utility sewer. I'm going to wear this, if its wearable to me I'm fine with it. No fancy seams. No serging. Sometimes wonky corners. I don't care!
Since I'm 61. I don't need them to last forever. So far no one else here has the same style as me- LOL! So when I'm gone they'll be donated! Or made into lovely quilts by my girls.

I've already seam ripped the elastic casings off. 
 Above the elastic casing - size from the pattern. It was too narrow and using thinner than 1" elastic was not strong enough.
It also wasn't comfortable. I love my paper bag waists I sewed on my pants.
But I didn't make the  new casings for these big enough of that.

 Above the fabric I had here to add to the waist casing. It will be in the back seen only by me. I NEVER tuck my shirt in.

The size of the casing pattern piece after I ironed it open.(above) The elastic was so tight, that it stressed the fabric. Only washing could get all the wrinkles out. This was  pre-ironing. Its not nearly as wrinkly now. 

Fourth of July brought a lot of pattern sales, didn't it! I was so tempted. BUT now before I buy any pattern I imagine myself wearing that style shopping, around the house, or at a meeting. And 9 times out of 10 I think- nope, its not me. Previously I was buying without thinking. It also helps that I no longer buy PDF patterns. After a year of too many tempting PDFs- I'm done!
I've done really well on not buying fabric too. I only bought 15 yards of sale denim for my 7 boys this month. 

Happy Creating!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!!
Thanks for visiting! 

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