sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Metamorphic dress made apron

I wanted to use up my 1980's cotton fabric I showed below in another post. I decided to make aprons. My inspiration- Tasha Tudor. 

I am a HUGE fan and admirer of Tasha Tudor. I even walk barefoot in the woods like she did all her life. And I too had a Corgi for 14 1/2 years! :o) 
So Tasha, oh! and Queen Elizabeth (another Corgi lover) are my kind of people! Maybe they live/lived very different lives, but when you love a Corgi! Corgi's are just special. You know fairies ride on their backs! Corgi lovers are my kind of people! 
I have 3 British Labs now. They are well bred and good dogs. But nothing to brag about!

Ooops- sorry back to sewing :o)

The 80's fabric is not quilting cotton, it is thinner than cotton lawn, its a more drape-y fabric. I don't know how I ever sewed on it so well years ago. Now cotton lawn and quilting fabrics especially, are a bit stiffer. Are they processed more, with some kind of finish?

These 80s fabrics have a more Laura Ingalls, prairie like look. Not a style I want for my wide leg pants or my skirts. So I decided to make an apron, Tasha Tudor/Laura Ingalls style! ;o) Two women who did have lives more in common!

I'd wanted to make the Metamorphic dress by Sew Liberated for some time. I love the layered look. But I'm no longer a dress person. At home I accidentally printed off 2 of this pattern. So I sent one to the woods. I was very glad I did!

I traced it a size 24. First I sewed a partial a muslin bodice. Too bad I didn't pay attention to it because the bodice (normally I cut size 20) was too big. Lesson learned. Next apron size 20 bodice, easy enough. Why do I always think I'm bigger?
The lining fabric was a pretty pattern I used years ago to make my daughter (she was 8, now 42) a Gunne Sax blouse with lace and ribbon. It turned out so nice. So wearing this apron will bring back happy memories.
Above you can see the skirt size 24 was too wide for the fabric. I folded the paper pattern piece over, along the edge (side seam) to fit the fabric. Losing about 4" of fullness.

 I really like it! 
There will be changes to the next one. I'm making as many as I can using up the 80s fabric.
The blue fabric was bought recently. I'm glad I found a use for the fabric in this century- LOL!

 Front view above. Next time I will not make the "over" skirt (blue) in the back. It isn't needed and makes the apron heavier.

 The front view bodice above. It is too big (wide) and falls off my shoulders. I added the ruffle, its not on the pattern.

 Because I did not tuck the skirts into the back of the bodice, (to make it reversible) I top stitched. (above) I also top stitched the bodice neck and arm holes.

I made a placket for the back. (above) I did not cut the back pattern piece on the fold; I made the back open. I sewed the bodice ends on each side, tucked in. No raw edges showing. I added the placket in case it was too small, I forgot to add seam allowance- oh well it's too big! Next time- smaller bodice. And maybe no ruffle.
The placket will have 2 large hand sewn snaps on it. (they are at home)
 Back view above. The back of the skirts were not cut on the fold and they have a rolled over hem on the center edge.

                                Inside above. Back opening. 

 It makes me smile every time I see it! It is too "heavy" for summer. But will be great for cooler Fall/Winter days.

 I put pockets in the side seams . Above I have my hands in them. :o) I'm not a pocket person, but aprons must have pockets. I did not do the front pockets. That would be too many for me!

The back above. 
Next time to make it "lighter" by skipping the back overskirt. But keep the front overskirt. I like wiping my hands on the overskirt, and knowing the underskirt against my clothes is clean.
The bodice is pinned to fit in the back. You can see left side is smaller. When it fits it feels great!

The side view above. 
Excuse my wardrobe underneath- my sleeveless shirt (it's 90 degrees in the woods now!) and my flower pants from the 90's. ;o) The aprons are made to be worn over my new wardrobe.
The mess in this space (trailer) is my sewing, exercise bike, along with cooking supplies for 14 people! 3 activities in one space!

So to make a long story short, its a great pattern, super easy, takes a bit more time with the lining and layers, and easy to re-construct (aka hack) to your liking.

Happy Creating!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!
Thanks for visiting! :o) 

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