sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Monday, July 2, 2018

The sewing I hated, the skirt I love!

Last night I was going to post. But first I thought I'd sew another skirt. A very fast easy pattern/skirt....not.
This pattern consumed me with frustration, so I'll write about this skirt first.
 I sewed the middle view. All 3 skirts are the same. You can't add length or shorten the main piece, so you get 3 different "length" pattern pieces. (short/medium/long)

I really liked my fabric. I bought it from Craftsy on sale. The front and back of the skirt are the same. There's a waist casing piece too, and 4 edge/band pieces. Simple right? 
But before I cut it out, I did not see that the suggested fabric for it should be 58" to 60" wide. My fabric was 45" wide. So I cut my pieces separate, not on the fold since it needed a lot of fabric. And I added seam allowances where the fold would be. I made a size XL (22/24). It runs closer to a size 22.

There are 4 points to sew when sewing the lower band on. Above is my only edge I'm happy about. I top stitched the band after I attached it. 
 Above is an ever so slight wonky "point" I sewed. But better than my first 4 tries. If there is a trick? to attaching the band, I could not see it. I thought the instructions were vague and poor for the skirts.

 While working on the skirt I saw the fabric had a flaw. :o( The hole above.

I made the patch above. Thank goodness I'd saved 2 small strips of this fabric from my pants. Near the hole was also a smaller hole. The patch covers both.

 Above at a distance the patch is hardly visible. When I wear it you can't see it.

I wanted to hate the skirt. Never to make it again. And throw out the pattern. But I tried it on and I love it.

Don't mind my trailer in the woods filled with necessities. :o)
Above the front.

 Above- the side view. I'm facing the ironing board. 
All photos of me by Kitty (15) who understands photo shoots for sewing much better than her brother Zay (14). LOL!

I'm not sure why the front looks longer from the side and back view below. The pieces are not specific to front or back. They are the same piece cut twice.
I have a flat bum, so that wouldn't pull it up. Maybe I pulled the waist band higher in the back un-intentionally.

And last but not least the back above. 
Its not a "full" skirt at the waist. But it is "full" at the hem. I really really like it. I will make it again after I practice attaching the band points on muslin. :o) Its my 2nd favorite so far. The Simplicity 1112 being my favorite, because of the ruffle I hacked for it. I have no picture of that because before we headed North, Zay erased it. :o(

I have used all of my fabric that I photographed in May, shown below. Well except for 2 yards of yellow on the top of the pile waiting for me to think of something to use it for!
That fabric above,from my stash made 9 capri length wide legged pants, and 9 skirts. Now all I need is to start my solid color coordinated knit tops at home!

Happy Creating!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!
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