sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Sunday, July 8, 2018

You can't make me wear that!

After I was preparing to post this, I saw I had not posted about my first 3 skirts I made for my new wardrobe!! ack! Oh well next post.

So the post title- yes, you can't make me wear that! Who is the "you"? Ready to wear companies. Not one makes anything to look nice on ME! I will not compromise!!

The world worships what few can obtain. The perfect figure. Even my vain petite thin mother lost her shape by age 60. 
I was her shame, I was fat like my father. Judge Judy says Beauty fades, dumb lasts forever. A bit harsh, but beauty does get old.

Since I have been sewing a wardrobe that I love, in my size, with no shame, exactly how "I" like it. I am loving my me-made clothes! 
When I first started searching for my style I looked at lots of sewing blogs and indie sewing patterns. And my first thought was- that "looks" homemade. I don't want to look homemade. Lots of boxy tops, simple lines, not much draping and no "extras" like flutter sleeves.
But I was wrong.
They don't look homemade. They look Me Made! They are a style. That style may not be my style but they look great!

My bold floral skirts and pants look different than ready to wear. They look Me Made! :o) No one has seen such styles for sale. They realize "of course she made them." 

When I was a new mother I often saw an older woman, a lovely Grandma puttering in her yard. She wore the most beautiful button front floral blouses in lavenders, whites. I thought I can't wait to be her! She wasn't thin, but she wasn't fat. She was elegant! Now that I am her age I no longer wish to wear those lovely clothes. I don't even want to wear my favorite color lavender. (remember the poem when I get old I shall wear purple? not me)

I will wear my roses proudly! Here's to wearing what we LOVE no matter what the critics say! We are fine just the way we are! Psalm 139:14 "we are fearfully and wonderfully made". 

 I am tracing the Metamorphic Dress. (above) I bought it well over a year ago. The pattern is already drafted up to size 24! yeah!

Tonight I'm doing a muslin of the bodice. I wear a 20 bodice and 24 skirt. I need to make sure it fits. 
As you age you shrink. Your skin goes where gravity goes, it doesn't go away. It settles in your tummy. My vain mother had a flat stomach until 60. (I don't say vain to be mean, I love her dearly, it is just a fact like me being fat- well I prefer fluffy!) 

 A trick I do is put a post it note over the pattern line drawing and trace it. I make several. I design them in ways I think look nice. Then I stick them on my idea board, which is just a large white board that offices use dry erase markers on. I didn't draw any ideas yet. Hopefully tonight.

I love the look of the longer underskirt on the dress. I'll do that on mine. I am making mine into pretty aprons. So I will make a seam down the back of the entire dress. (The pattern is made to be reversible and go over your head.) I'll close the dress at the top of the bodice in the back with a snap. The big simple old fashioned snaps, easy to use. 
I'll show you when I'm done. :o)
I really need these so I don't get my new me-mades dirty.
I'm using up the fabric from the 80s above. I bought much of it to match and used it to make my oldest Gunne Sax dresses with it. The patterns were very popular in the 80s. My sweet ex son in law (daughter never should have left him) had a nostalgic fixation with the 80s! LOL! He was born in 1981, as was my first son. I guess his "fixation" made sense, I was born in the 50s, I tend to think of the 50s as cool!

Only the right top fabric with the fox on it is new. These fabrics are thinner than fabrics now. So when I recently used one of the 80s fabrics to make a skirt, I realized it would need a slip since it was so thin.

Haven't decided yet on a slip style. Probably white, something Prairie flouncy like. :o) Of course the skirt has to look good  with it! 
I never got to wear the dresses "I" liked growing up. We had to wear dresses until the 9th grade. And then the High School girls had a walkout protesting. They won! We could wear dressy pants. Oh well it was a start! 

And sew, I sew on!

Happy Creating! (((HUGS))) God Bless!
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