sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Monday, August 6, 2018

Pants, pants and more pants

First I have to share my pin I bought from Andrew on Etsy. I read his blog on Word Press.(Mensew) And the pin he and his partner designed made me smile. There's still hope I can get my Isaiah to sew! ;o)
I put it here (above) so I can see it every time I sew!

Above- a close up. You can buy one here~
And no I am not affiliated.  I'm just an admirer of all of Buster's creative skills!

A while back Faith and Isaiah said they needed pants. I made 7 pair for Faith and 8 pair for Isaiah. 
Faith's were a fun sew. She's always fun to sew for! Before this she only wore boys cargo shorts. For about 3 years! Now she's picking out more feminine styles. ;o)

I also made her shirt above. She wanted jelly fish fabric. We used every scrap up! She's also wearing her Green Pepper pattern socks I made her! :o)

This is the pattern I used. With my post it note I attach for next time I make her these.
The pattern I used for Isaiah was a pattern from the 90's I used to make my oldest son pants when he was 12!! He's 37 now. I could not find a better pants pattern for Isaiah today!

I bought new labels to add. Above, I picked those up on Amazon. The pants are a medium weight denim. It made the waist band a bit harder to sew, but looks good. It's a fold over waistband. I've had the pants fabric about 25 years!

I had these labels (above) made for me. I ordered them to say "Always Remember I Love You". Above the fabric is a medium weight Twill. Yup, from the 25 yr stash. Good news is I used the entire pants fabric stash ALL up!!

No one else would to let me use my rainbow thread on their pants! Faith said I could on hers! I think it looks really nice.

Above- I top stitched over all seams. That's the pocket opening.

Zay holds them up so I can take a picture. They have a "full" leg, but not too full as you can see on Faith above.

Above you can see the front pockets and the top stitching. Another 25 yr old med. weight denim.

The pattern back above. I made view B. No side flap pockets. She kept changing her mind. She wanted them on only 3 pair- then she did not want them. After I sewed the pocket flaps, she said no! So no flap pockets.

She really loves them and wears them all the time! 

Above, another pair in med. weight Twill. You can see the top stitching with the rainbow thread better on these.

She won't need any new pants for a while! ;o)

 Above- Try to get a teenage boy to stand nicely while you take a picture of his pants! LOL! He is so loooooong. I left the length I added because he's growing about 2" taller every 6 months!
They are elastic waist.  Until his growth settles I'm not doing zipper flys!

 You can barely see my top stitching on these above. If you click on the pictures they will come up bigger. I double top stitched the side seams.
 Above the flap pocket. Everything top stitched. You can barely see the double top stitching here. I think on boy's/men's pants, that top stitching is a must. On Faith's I did it for longevity. I don't have a Serger. 
 To use up the stash, I lined some pockets with contrasting fabric, shown above. These are a med weight Twill. I used the same Twills and Denim for his pants, that I used for Faith's.

 He loves his pants, altho they are a bit long right now if he doesn't have shoes on. 
He's so thin as he grows. He looks like a bean pole. When he starts filling out I'm going to cry. He won't be my little boy anymore!
Above- double side top stitching, elastic waist for thin guys!

And I just had to throw in Elizabeth 16 and Faith 17 wearing the Hepburns I made them. Faith chose yellow ribbing for hers. I'd had the fabric 25+ years and knew that it had a "Beach type" design. And lo and behold Faith found jelly fish on it! So it was a must have! :o)

Happy Creating!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!!
Thanks for visiting!


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  2. Hello Eliz! You need a 'like button' though I'm not sure if they supply them on this platform...... Your sewing is impressive and your girls look pretty impressive too! I'm impressed with your 25 year old fabric stash! Nice to visit you here in your 'home' and see what you get up to.

    1. Oh Pauline! Thank You! I'm sorry I missed this!!


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