sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Monday, August 13, 2018

So little time in the Woods this visit!

 Above, my Memorial Garden Arch with a gate. 
I bought the puppy figurine and a new stone for Sassy who is buried here. 
There is also a black iron garden chair here for contemplation. But the biting flies are too bad to sit right now.
There are 2 stones for my oldest daughter, and one for my boy (white Shiloh Shepherd) Snow who died in 2016. He was my heart. Sassy was my clown. :o)

 Last year I posted about all of the "utility" sewing I do. 
I do it at home and here. Its never ending sometimes!

This visit in the Woods utility sewing, was alterations. Little boys with Down Syndrome need arms on sweatshirts shortened.
Above I pulled the sleeves inside out of the neck to sew ribbing on where I cut. 

 Above, the best buy on ribbing I could find in bulk. Bought in colors needed for boy's outside shirts! :o) I bought grey and a navy blue. 15 yards of each, $5.00 per yard, free shipping. 

 I cut the ribbing on a hot day in a spot perfect for cutting- but too hot for taking my time. So I cut quickly, and.........of course............I made an error.

 Luckily the ribbing was not cut for good clothes. 
I had cut some pieces too small and some a too big. 
The big pieces could be halved and sewn to the small pieces......ack- extra sewing. 
So instead of 1 seam on each sleeve of ribbing, it was 2 pieces sewn together per sleeve. 
I'm 61, will I ever learn haste makes waste!? (that's my Dad's voice I hear ;o)

Love Love Love being finally done!! 
It was 2 sweatshirts for my Samson, and 24 for my 5 other loves. It could have been easier, if I had not had to sew 104 halves into the needed sleeve 52 pieces!

                     Above 3 remaining tshirts to alter for Faith.

Alterations to the teen girl's clothes is often requested just to be fashionable!! LOL! 
So my sweet Faithy (17) gave me 8 tshirts to remove sleeves from. WHAT! 
Well 2 were too well worn to sew on. They still have a few wears in them, but not strong enough to sew onto. 
2 were her big brother Samson's so we put those back! Laundry gets mixed up constantly. 
That left 4 for me to alter for her.

It's easy enough, But I dream of doing other things as I sew these! 

This was "my" tshirt Faith "stole". ;o) 
So I slimmed the sides down from the under arm to the waist on each side. You can see she loves it.

Emily is the nearest town to us. 8 miles West. It's a town of about 180 residents. 
It has a Hardware store, a Liquor store,a Bar, a Meat market, an Ice Cream shop, a Cafe, a gas station and a Grocery store. 
And that's are that's there. Almost all close daily at 5 p.m. Only the gas station is open till 9p.m. weekdays and 10 p.m. weekends.
Oh yes- the Bar is open till 1 a.m. But I've only been there 2x in 58 years! LOL!
The whole town is under construction this spring/summer for sidewalk and city water/sewer. Seasonal land/cabin owners pay  with their taxes. We are in Little Pine Township now so no more taxes to Emily!! :o) 

 I have yet to make my decorative curtain ruffles.

                                  Or my next apron!

But as long as I'm fueled by my new addiction- apple cinnamon tea, I'm good! ;o) I drink 2 pots a day, yum! I also add a cinnamon stick in each pot.

If this heat wave ever ends; I will share my project. My "new" kitchen island I'm making out of 2 old dressers, and an old picnic table top. Lots of work to do on it yet, but the garage is boiling hot.

 So the dogs are inside with us and the AC is keeping us all cool.

 But the AC makes our hairless Sphynx (cats) girls chilly. So they are bundled under fleece! ;o)

They are bit "dirty", (ears) its hard to keep them clean in the Woods with no running water! Violet right is 3 and Bunny left is 6 months. We do whatever they say! LOL! Cats are in charge aren't they!

Happy Creating!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!
Thanks for visiting!

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