sensory blanket

sensory blanket
(I made this sensory blanket for my best friend mary anne) Praising Him with the work of my simple hands

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Making Tab Topped Towels in the woods!

I love to read sewing blogs.

In June I was reading a blog called Janine Sews. I enjoy seeing the beautiful work she does. In June she made tab top towels. You can see them here-
I love the tab topped towels she made. I hope to try her pattern this Fall at home.

I make them too. Some I crocheted by simply "sewing" yarn across the gathered top of a half of a tea towel. My following crochet stitches are just single stitch sc since the 6 youngest wipe their hands on them daily they aren't fancy or for show! I gradually decrease from the top of the towel to make a "tab". I put velcro at the top to close it over the refrigerator door where it hangs.

I told Janine I'd show her how I make my fabric topped tab towels in September. Well September is already almost 10 days in!
So here are mine!
Since I'm in the woods until early October I didn't have everything I needed for this project so I improvised. 

I looked in our towel boxes for any hand towels. Most were quite old and used. We take our "old" towels up here when we buy new. This one was newer. It was a towel that was purchased years back from a department store- and the towels "lost" their color dye in certain places after washing. Cheap towels that were not cheap to buy. :o(

 The towel (above) was a bit thicker than I like. But it was the nicest. :o) I cut the hand towel in half.

 (above)  The towel straight stitched and zig zag stitched. It is  finished off to stop fraying at the cut top. The two "T" pieces are for the tab on top of the towel. 
I needed a nice heavyweight piece of interfacing made slightly smaller than the fabric to iron on the "T" shaped fabric back.
So to create thickness I improvised. I cut 2 pieces of each fabric to give the "T" some thickness.

 Above is the sewing to stop fraying and 2 rows of stitches for gathering. 
Except the machine stitch tension was too tight on the thick terry cloth for gathering the 2 rows. 
So I loosely sewed 2 rows by hand for gathering. I like hand sewing, I find it relaxing. :o)

 Above is the 4 pieces of fabric sewn front to front with the "T" upside down now and the "T" top (which is where the scissors is laying) is left open.
I clipped the corners.

                                                         And clipped here above.

Above the upside down "T" is now turned right side out. At first I was going to have the same fabric front and back. But I changed my mind. 
This fabric is from my 80's fabric stash that I'm now using to make aprons up here. (a previous post shows my first apron) This fabric was previously used for cute Gunne Sax patterns I sewed for my oldest. 

Above shows the opening of the upside down "T". I ironed it into the inside about 1/4 of an inch. You can click on pictures and it will enlarge it.

Above is the upside down "T" with opening above the gathered hand towel half.

                          (above) I pinned it on to the front.

                                Above pinned it on to the back.

(Above)I did not have matching thread. So I used the navy thread on the machine.  I used a light lavender thread to hand stitch. 
I bring my almost empty thread spools up her to the woods to use them up. Matching thread color isn't often important here! :o)

I hand stitched the top on. The towel was too thick to use the machine. Again, I like hand sewing! ;o) 
I did not stitch each side. I stitched straight through. It did go slower but I think it looks nice.

This is where I admit that I'm nearly blind now. I lost vision in one eye 18 years ago. And now both eyes have cataracts. I need surgery this Fall. It will be done 60 miles away because with vision only in one eye- it requires a specialist. 

Above is the tab top fold over the trailer oven door handle. It is pinned here. 
I always put a snap on mine. One of those nice metal snaps like they use on baby clothing. They sell them in varying sizes. I put a big snap on so my youngest kids with special needs (who can't unbutton) can remove the dirty towel when I ask them! :o)

I stitched around the outside edge of the tab because of the extra fabric inside needed a little stabilizing for washing.

 I decided that since I had a few scraps I should "fancy" up my towel since it would be on the blog! 
I made bias tape to sew here.

I had extra of my bias tape so I also made a little ruffle. (above) I normally don't dress them up because the boys need all of the towel they can get for wet hands!

 And here it is hanging on the trailer's oven door (above) next to a tab towel I bought in the 90s. 
I put my tab towels on the refrigerator handle in the Lodge. That's where the kids eat if they can't eat outside.

I will make more at home. I don't want to make them here without interfacing. I'm 45 miles from a fabric store. 
Amazon does deliver here- thank you Amazon! But it takes 2-3 extra days, and  the delivery guys dump things in the rain or who knows where when it gets here. They make ruts in the long driveway backing out crooked. ugh!! So that's only used for must have things- like my new Cuisinart Air Frying toaster oven coming soon!  

 This pattern was drawn/given to me by a friend. Thus the measurements here are not in exact inches. I was going to "fiddle" with it to make the inches even. But I left it. Click on the photo above and it should enlarge to see the measurements I wrote. (I use graph paper when I draw things with measurements.:o)

Thanks to the motivation from Janine to make the tab top towel; I finally got some other sewing done too. 

I hadn't sewn since August, and very little sewing at that. I miss my dog Sassy who died  July 19th. I'm kind of in a funk.

I sewed the bunk bed curtain above so I don't have to see the things I store there. The trailer back bedroom is accented in pink. This was fabric for a quilt. But I've made us way too many quilts, afghans, and blankets over 42 years.  

Above I used my last curtain fabric scrap to make the ruffle over my baking shelf. #no-wastesewing !!

Please link in the comments if you have made Tab Topped Towels so I can see! 

Happy creating!! (((HUGS))) God Bless!!
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Making Tab Topped Towels in the woods!

I love to read sewing blogs. In June I was reading a blog called Janine Sews. I enjoy seeing the beautiful work she does. In June she made...